Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mother, Father, Child...and Jesus

Today, Randy, Michaela and I all went to Adoration together. It was wonderful! After the three of us walked out, Michaela exclaimed, "My soul feels so much lighter!"

Usually I go to Adoration alone because Randy works and Michaela is at school for most of the year, but during the summer I plan on taking her once a week. She didn't pray the entire time but that's okay. I brought some children's books on The Holy Family, The Holy Spirit, and the Saints with us for her to read after she was finished praying. I understand that it is hard for a child to pray quietly for a long period of time. After our visit before the Blessed Sacrament we let her light two candles. She must have a soft spot for St. Anthony because she always heads for him first every time.

Tomorrow we are going to the Shrine of St. Joseph the Worker. We'll go to Confession while we are there and visit the store too. Since moving out of the city going to Confession has been much more difficult because most of the churches around here only have Confession on Saturdays and I work that day. The Shrine has Confession every day but it's about an hour away from where we live now. They also have Adoration both before and after Mass. 

Michaela knows about my experience before the Living Rays of the Heart of Jesus so she is aware that even though she cannot "see" these rays with her eyes they are there - cleansing her soul and drawing her closer to Christ.  

I rarely see children at Adoration (she was the only one there) but I am determined to teach her the importance of this very special Gift while she is still young. Whether she prays, reads, or just sits quietly in the Presence of the Lord I know those Living Rays are piercing her soul and that this will make a great difference in her life both now and when she is older.

God is good.


  1. Children are a gift from God.

    The way we raise them up is our gift to Him.

    God bless.

  2. Mary, you are such a wonderful mother!!! You are giving Michaela a gift that will remain with her forever in bringing her to adoration with you. Thank you for sharing your experience. You set such a wonderful example for others. I am so blessed to be inspired by you!

  3. Amen, sister!! God IS good..ALL the time!

  4. Hey giggles....

    Blessings to you and your family.


  5. Mary,
    I agree with Anne. You are giving Michaela the best gift a mother can give. In this crazy world, there is no better place for a child than in those loving and guiding rays from the Heart of Jesus.

    A PS on the highlighting: If you want to get rid of them, click the "clear formatting" button. I think it is on the right side in your tool bar. Or you can paste your post into Word, clear the formatting there and then paste it back into Blogger.
    Unless you like it(perhaps the Holy Spirit feels your posts should have some highlighting.) :)

  6. Your daughter is delightful! You are raising her to love and follow God. Kudos to you and your hubby!!

    Thanks Karinann for that tip. I was wondering how to remove that myself. It's challenging to go back and forth typing from one screen to another. Copying and pasting make it so much more efficient.

  7. Great article. My youngest loved Holy Thursday. He loved praying before the Blessed Sacrament after Mass and thinking about being with Jesus in the Garden. I figure his prayers and adoration must have melted Jesus' heart.

  8. Thanx Mary for your visit and comments. You missed the 2 humourous posts Feline Encounter and Embarrassing Situation.

    You're mentioned in one of them. But which one?

    God bless

  9. "My soul feels so much lighter." I love that! There have been times I have felt exactly that same feeling and her comment reminded me of those times.


  10. Thank you, everyone, for your comments on this post. I didn't get a chance to reply because of everything that went on this week.

  11. Karin,
    Thank you :) I'll have to look into that. The highlighting drives me crazy and it's been a big problem lately.

    God bless!

  12. Victor,
    I can guess which one :) I'll pop over and check them out after Mass.

  13. Nothing is more important than teaching Michaela to love to pray at Adoration. And the whole family being there is such a good example. Kids need Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament more than ever these days.

  14. Hi Barb,
    Well, I'm not sure how much she actually prays at Adoration but I'm trying to help her understand how important it is. I figure letting her read Saint books and books about God in the Presence of Jesus must be of benefit. She prays in her head at church so I have no clue how much praying she's actually doing but even if it's just a little God will accept
    that :)