Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you

Your name is engraved in God's heart.

At his birth, your name was there.

During his childhood your name was there.

At his baptism your name was there.

During the last supper your name was there.

In the Garden of Gethsemane your name was there.

On Calvary, your name was there, enclosed in the secret chambers of a dying heart.

He carried you with him from death to new life.

When He descended into hell your name was there.

When He ascended into heaven your name was there.

He has carried you within him always.

Jesus is true God and true man. In his divinity you were always present to Him because time is not linear to God, it is all present. When we realize the truth of this it is only a small step further to the understanding that when God looks upon us He doesn't just see billions of broken human beings but rather billions of people whole and healed in Him as well. It is hard for us to see ourselves as already healed in Christ since time IS linear to us. And yet, we should know, that in God's eyes we are already healed in Him  since He can see outside of time. Padre Pio understood this view from eternity well, praying for a happy death for his mother after she had died.

Weird, like something out of a science fiction movie.

But true, nonetheless. If we threw out this picture as being too far-fetched  we'd also have to throw out any idea of God's omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence.

It's a great mystery but a beautiful one as well.

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.     Jer 1:5


  1. Thank you Mary this post is just wonderful and so true.

    I heard it said that if someone is going through an event (medical check-up, exam, driving test etc ...) and you pray AFTER the event has taken place God will listen and act on the event because to Him time is not linear. He is before, now and after.

    Thank you for making that point here.

    God bless.

  2. Exactly! I can see that we both had time on our minds today - I loved your post.

    When people die suddenly I have prayed for a happy death for them afterwards knowing that God is beyond time. I can thank Padre Pio for the idea :)

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love being engraved in the Heart of God! What a beautiful thought, and yet, how true! I love the whole time thing with certainly helps when we forget to pray ahead of time for some intention :) Truly how great and wonderful and mighty He is! I feel so safe and loved in the care of such a great God!

    So glad you are posting again. Miss you! Warmest hugs, dear Mary...

  4. Dear Mary,

    I had never heard that about Padre Pio praying for his mother's happy death after she died. How filled with hope that is!!! It's never too late to pray! I learn so much from you! This is a beautiful post, as all of yours are, because they come from a beautiful heart. God bless you!

  5. Hi Patricia,
    Amen! You are reading my mind!We have so many reasons for hope, don't we? What a beautiful virtue it is!

  6. Hi Anne,
    Thank you for your kind words :)
    Padre Pio and all the saints have so much to teach us! When I heard that St. Pio prayed for a happy death for his mother after she died I laughed because it's funny but I took it to heart as well because it made good sense after I thought about it for a while.

  7. I loved this post! It really moved me, as I never thought about all this being with Jesus as He went through His life.

    God Bless you.

  8. Thanks, Michael! I'm glad you liked it :)

  9. Mary,

    It's never too late for anything. That's such a consoling thought. Talking of consoling... I'm reading Fr Gaitley's book "Consoling the Heart of Jesus'. I guess that's got a similar theme.

    God bless!

  10. Hi Sue,
    That's a great book! I also liked 33 Days to Morning Glory, especially the section on St. Maximilian Kolbe who has become a favorite of mine. Thanks for commenting :)

  11. Mary are you reading the divine will by Louisa picaretta? I've heard this god beyond time concept before but can't pinpoint the source.

  12. Somewhere I have read too that in Heaven God has a special "nickname" for each person on earth and that only when we reach Heaven, shall we know which nickname that is. I thought that is so beautiful and so am very happy to share with you all here!! God bless you and ALL your loved ones...