Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nominated for a Sheenazing Blogger Award

me funny and smart

Much to my shock I've been nominated for a Sheenazing gesundheit Blogger Award! As soon as I received the e-mail telling me I was nominated I dashed right over to A Knotted Life to check it out. And to make  sure there was no "Ugly Blog"category like a certain other award that we all know about. Then I  remembered that  I spent 6  minutes a few months ago spiffing this blog up and I breathed a quick sigh of relief.

I was even more surprised to find out that I have been nominated in two categories: Funniest Blogger (oh the fierce competition, excuse me for one moment - I have to sit down) and Smartest Blog. I guess this wouldn't be a good time to tell everyone that  I forgot  to stop at the second window of the drive-thru this morning for pick-up after ordering my drink and paying at the first window. This would probably be a good time to delete that ice cream in the cabinet post as well. But it's okay to vote for
me because note that  it says "smartest blog" not "smartest blogger".

I hope you'll head on over to A Knotted Life (harumph, sounds like my life) to vote. So many great blogs to check out! A big "Thank you" goes out to the person who nominated The Beautiful Gate for this award. (I have no idea who this is but I was very touched and I thank you for thinking about me. Free +1ing for you for  the next three months!

The vampires and the dogs will be all over me for this one.

Good thing there's no ugly blogger award. It's bad enough that I'm in a ugly hair  competition with Anabelle over  at Written by the Finger of God. We are  having a hair-off. What
poor Anabelle doesn't seem to understand is that I have that one in the bag since I have no hair to
off since that last unfortunate perm and color.


  1. Congratulations, Mary! I am headed over to vote right now. Never heard of this award, but you should be a shoo in :) Never heard of the hair thing I might have been a contender for that one. My hair only looks good when it doesn't have when I'm doing chores. When we are going out, and I carefully take time to style it, oh well...what a mess! Good luck! Hope you are definitely both funny and smart ;) Hugs to you!

    1. Thank you, Patricia :) I hate to break this to you but if your hair looks good while doing chores you're automatically disqualified. My hair cannot be styled. Ever.
      Hugs to you, too!

  2. Congratulations Mary. Well deserved.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, Victor! What? You're not interested in entering the "hair-off"? Oh right, I forgot about the glue...

  3. Congratulations, Mary. You are indeed funny and very smart too!

  4. Thanks, Sue! Congratulations to you as well! Michaela and I voted for you and Nancy!

  5. Congratulations, Mary! I was just over voting for you and Sue.

    And I love THIS post!! :)

    1. Thanks, Nancy, and congratulations! I was very happy to see you on the list!

  6. LOL. Oh Mary, congratulations! I'm headed over to vote. What did I tell you about slacking off-- not a good idea, my friend. Now, as for the hair-off: I have frizzy hair. When its long, I look like I'm wearing ten Christmas trees on my back. When its short, I look like a rooster's head in a cockfight. I WIN! (Please let me win, since you get the Sheenazing funny blogger in my book hands down.)

    1. Lol. Okay, I almost conceded after reading the rooster and christmas tree remark. Almost. Then I remembered THIS my fuzzy friend! Read it and weep! And I have the pictures on my blog to back it up! (

      Hair Anthem

      O say, can you see
      My hair's brand new highlights
      That so proudly I share
      It's so bright and so gleaming
      Please ignore the red flare!
      And the orange in there!
      Gave proof to my plight
      The gray flags are still there.
      O say do those stiff gray wires yonder yet wave
      In the hair that's now lice-free
      On the head I may shave!

      To be sung to the melody of our national anthem [yes I skipped a part]. Used without the permission of Francis Scott Key.

    2. Oh you are funny, I'll give you that. The anthem is a work of art. But I've got this hair-off, woman. I've got a post and a picture to prove it just you wait.

    3. Really? Can't wait to see it!!

    4. Okay, its on the super secret blog. Read it and weep ;)

    5. Oh I wept alright! Good one, Anabelle!

  7. Mary your nominations are well deserved. Every time I visit your blog I walk away with a smile on my face from something funny you wrote or I'm in thoughtful pondering of your faithful thoughts. I may not often comment, but I sure do enjoy your posts. You were and are a perfect fit for these two categories - so you being in those categories was a no-brainier to me! (*WINK-WINK*) !

    I was nominated for the Most Inspiring Blog. But WOW that is a nice list of bloggers! I'll be lucky to even get my own vote! :-)

    As for the hair...I totally would win today. I got a perm two days ago. My dad said it best when he said, "You look like you stuck your finger in a light socket!"

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      How are you? Well, I hope! Thank you for the kind words!

      Congratulations to you, as well :) Your blog is very inspiring!

      But Jennifer? Please read my comment to Anabelle - frizz bomb or not, you cannot win ;) Especially without a photo! Now, I admit that I've never had frizzy hair but the only reason for that is there's not enough hair to frizz out. When I wear a ponytail it's only as thick as my finger. My little finger that is. And I gave up paying for perms that lasted only one day :)

  8. Hi Mary! God bless you! (oh, that wasn't a real sneeze was it?). And congrats on the nomination. I will scoot right over and start stuffing that ballot box. I love your sense of humor. And your support of my new blog endeavors is so touching. I love being connected here!


  9. Hi Ceil,
    Lol...Sheenazing reminds me of sneezing for some reason! Thank you for your support as well! I'm going to stop taking so many breaks because I miss all my blogging friends when I'm gone!