Sunday, December 27, 2009


"Aridity is the fruit of our defects."                  
               St. Padre Pio

This quote made perfect sense to me. God is pure love and we live in His love. His love is always the same - infinite and unchanging; therefore it is our love that changes. If we were always aware of the constancy of His love I don't think we would have problems with prayer. It is our heart fluctuations that cause difficulty in prayer. God never walks away from us....we walk away from Him. The easiest way to overcome aridity for me is to remember to focus on Him. When I am caught up in my own problems and lose sight of Him, this is when my prayer life seems to suffer. I like to meditate on his love and truth when I am having prayer trouble. This seems to be a quick cure :)


  1. Padre Pio is so right. When my prayerlife suffers, my life becomes a slippery slope if I don't refocus my sights on God as you mention here.
    Thanks for the reminder and the words of this great saint.
    Continued Christmas Blessings!

  2. Mary, thank you so much for posting your thoughts on prayer. My prayer has been very dry lately. I don't want to pray and have been avoiding it. Maybe it was all the hectic busyness of December that threw such a curve at my faith. Today I went for a walk and I had the MP3 player going so I wouldn't have to pray (usually I say the rosary and divine mercy on my walks.) Halfway through the walk, the battery on the mp3 died. I guess God was telling me that even if I didn't want to go to Him, he wanted me to come to him. I was able to say the rosary and finished right before I got home. But I know that my battle with this isn't over. Prayer is just going to be forced for a while and I know God will accept it because it's all I have to give.