Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sabbath Moments

This Saturday I am once again joining Colleen at for her Sabbath Moments Meme. Sabbath Moments can be planned or may come by surprise.

No surprises for me this week. I planned to attend the Rosary at my church Wednesday and then attend the Noon Mass. I have Wednesdays off from work and was hoping to spend a little extra time with the Lord in prayer during the course of the day. The best laid plans often go awry, however, and this one certainly did. We had a lot of snow and there was no school, so intead I played with my daughter for most of day. I count this as a Sabbath Moment because I was able to spend quality time with my daughter and our days have been kind of hectic since school started. After she went to bed I was able to do the Rosary and my evening prayers. This brings me great peace :)


  1. Great meme! That time with your daughter was truly a gift from God!

  2. The time with your daughter was a great Sabbath moment! Amazing how God often changes our plans isn't it? So great to see the picture here! Good job! Have a great weekend. God bless.