Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Event of the Year

I, Queen Ree, had the honor of attending "THE EVENT" of the year. Along with Tinkerbell, my fairy friend, we attended the Pixie Hollow Grand Ball. I must say: It was a smashing success. Tink was dressed in the latest haute couture evening wear created by Hello Kitty and Co. All the fairies and sparrowmen were dressed in their finest. I wore a sparkling tiara and glittering fairy jewels with my pressed flower fairy gown created by Sue Fine, a sewing talent fairy. After much dancing, dining, and laughter, Tink and I departed in our flower coach pulled by eight chipmunks. A truly great party attended by the elite of fairyland!

Can you tell it was a snow day and there was no school? :)


  1. It was fun, plus we got to play in the snow today. It was the first big storm of the season and Michaela had a great time. She likes being able to spend whole days with me:)

  2. There's an ancient African proverb that says that adults who love fairy tales as much as children do are those that possess a loving and merciful heart.

  3. How sweet! Wish we could have been there. :)