Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sabbath Moments

Colleen at Thoughts on Grace  hosts this weekly meme and I am joining her once again this Saturday. Sabbath Moments remind us to live in the present and just be. Each and every day is a blessed gift from our gracious Lord and there is beauty and wonder in each one if we look with the eyes of our soul.
This week was very hectic for me but even with all the activity there were a few moments that reached into my heart and touched my spirit. One of these moments came as I was doing some Christmas shopping and was driving to a store. I decided to do the Chaplet of Divine Mercy as I was driving and I felt flooded with God's grace. He even gave me a personal "word " that filled me with joy and thanksgiving. I am waiting for Him to fulfill this word in me and I have faith that He will do it because His words are always good.
Another moment that filled me with love and joy came upon me this morning as I was cuddling with my daughter. She was sick during the night and crawled in bed with us. After my husband left for work I simply held her and prayed while she slept. When she woke up we snuggled and gabbed for half an hour before getting out of bed. Every time I hold her little hand I feel a touch of heaven on earth. God simply overwhelms me with love for this child, even the thought of our time together this morning brings a smile to my face. God is good.


  1. Mary,
    Beautiful Sabbath Moments.. Your moments with your daughter put a smile on my face too.
    God Bless!

  2. What a gift you have in your daughter! You are so blessed Mary! I know that you know it!

  3. I am very blessed. Don't get me wrong, she's a handful, but a loving one. She has the strongest will of anyone that I have ever met, which is hard because I'm a pushover. I have to force myself to be firm, otherwise she would rule the household;) Luckily, my husband has a strong will, too. We kind of all balance each other out.

  4. Mary, beautiful moments. It is amazing how in an instant God can fill us with such joy. Glad you had that time with your daughter. Thanks for participating every week! God bless.

  5. Thank YOU for hosting it! May God bless you and fill you with tons of energy and peace so that work will be less stressful for you this week at the church office [hectic places this time of the year].