Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Surprise

You're not going to believe what my little gift from heaven did. I'll give you a hint:

During the night
When all are asleep
A child wakes up
With nary a peep

Goes to the potty
Sneaks down the hall
Closes mom's door
With no sound at all

Around two A.M.
She flicks on a light
And gazes around
Eyes full of delight

Goes on an egg hunt
Plays with a toy
Tears into a basket
Heart filled with joy
Stuffed with candy
Filled with delight
Crawls into our bed
In the middle of the night

Now, mind you, Randy and I had no idea that this was going on. I thought she crawled into our bed because she was frightened or something. She couldn't fall asleep of course, she was on a sugar high! Took her an hour and a half to fall back to sleep. When we all woke up the next morning, Randy and I were all excited to watch her open her basket and go on an egg hunt. I walked into the living basket in sight. No eggs either. I turned to look at Michaela, "What did you do?" It took a while but I got the whole story out of the little imp. She woke up in the night to go to the bathroom and decided to peek and see if the Easter Bunny had come yet. He had. So she took herself on a middle of the night Easter egg hunt, opened her basket, stuffed her face with candy, and even tried to sign up her Webkin online! Seeing the shock on our faces she says, "Do you want me to hide all the eggs again so you can watch me find them?" I was giggling inside the whole time but I tried to act a bit stern so she wouldn't think it was okay to  do this every year. Just another average day in the Nicewarner household :) Happy Easter, everyone.


  1. Awwww. That's cute! Happy Easter!

  2. Imp, indeed. Wowza!
    Happy and blessed Easter to you and yours from ours in the land of Aloha!

  3. This is too funny!! At least she is young enough to still believe!!

  4. I would have loved to see that! What a wonderful little girl!

  5. Hi, everyone! I hope all of you had a great Easter. Ours was wonderful despite my imp's middle of the night escapades! May the Lord bless you all :)