Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sabbath Moments - The Fire of the Holy Spirit

 Colleen at Thoughts on Grace hosts a weekly meme called Sabbath Moments. These are moments when we let go and let God. Sometimes it's hard to let go. We have fears and worries that we cling to, not trusting that God has everything under control. He does, though. He is all-powerful.

Yesterday I attended a funeral in the morning and a Mass and healing service at night. The funeral was one of the most beautiful that I had ever seen. It was for a priest and there were three Bishops there and about 30 other priests. During  the Consecration they all surrounded the altar and every single one put out their hands when the bread and wine were changed into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I had shivers from head to toe. Couldn't wait to receive, that's for sure! Powerful moment! I am still awestruck by it. Father Nick must have been smiling down from heaven :)

Speaking of awe, our God is incredible! The Holy Spirit was on the move last night. First there was a Mass and then prayer teams were set up. These are powerful prayer warriors with many charismatic gifts. They run the local Life in the Spirit Seminars. I attended one of these many years ago and have decided to go through another one. God keeps pouring gifts on me and I have been unsure how to properly use them. I asked the Lord to open doors for me and He has! When it was my turn to be prayed over I was a little nervous but that quickly passed, it's just leftover junk from my childhood. These were wonderful Catholics that I trusted. I didn't ask for a physical healing, I just asked them to pray that I be completely open to God's will for me. The physical illness keeps me pinned to the Cross with Jesus - I leave that one in His hands. It has produced a lot of good fruit in my life. I had to be careful as I walked through the Church so that I didn't step on anyone that got slain in the Spirit. The tiny lady who passes out everytime she receives Communion was there. On the floor, of course. I told her husband that I see her on the floor more than I see her standing lately! She went down twice last night. Funny...God has a great sense of humor :)

It felt a bit like heaven on earth last night. We were all filled with the joy of the Spirit. I remembered to pray for everyone both during the Mass and while I was getting prayed over. When my brother, a friend and I left and got into my brother's car it was 9:11. I guess this strange number thing is going to stay with me for a while:)


  1. What an awesome post! You must have felt so filled!! Healing services are always moving experiences for me. Thanks for praying for me!

  2. Colleen,
    Your welcome :) It was incredible!

  3. Mary,
    Anytime I attend a Mass with many priests concelebrating and see them all on the altar at the Consecration it is like that Scripture passage about the gates of hell not prevailing come to life.
    The healing Mass sounds like a very powerful and beautiful experience. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Karin,
    That's a good description! The funeral was not sad to me, Father Nick was a wonderful priest and is more than likely enjoying the Beatific Vision right now :) Of course I pray for him just in case!

  5. I could feel how moving this was for you in your post! Praying for you.

  6. Mary, the funeral sounds like it was very beautiful! I was at Fr. Don's dad's funeral last year, and it, too, was amazing! All three bishops and many, many priests were there. The church was packed. Fr. Don joked that if his dad had known that three bishops would have been at his funeral, it would have knocked his socks off! And he said the funeral Mass and the homily himself. I can't imagine! I would have been too choked up to carry on!

    I love your stories about the woman on the floor. How I would love to meet her, I bet she is wonderful!

  7. I guess even the fathers of fathers (lol) get great sendoffs! Incredible, isn't it?!

    The floor lady touches my heart for some reason. She has apparitions of Our Lady sometimes, too. I think she is head over heels in love with God :)