Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recommendation - Time for Reflections

Here is a site I highly recommend to all who read my blog - Time for Reflections. Victor's stories about Father Ignatius are filled with wit, wisdom and always point out truths of our Faith.  Once I started following Victor's blog I quickly got caught up in the character of Father Ignatius. I actually found myself wishing that more priests were like him! I linked to today's post which particularly touched my heart but I encourage you to go back and read the older ones, too. They are filled with treasures!

I also recommend Victor's book, Visions, which you can find more about by clicking on the link. Again, in his gentle, kind manner, Victor points to Our Lord Jesus Christ  through the characters in his book. It will bring to mind much of what is happening throughout the world and the ultimate purpose of apparitions of our Lord (and his mother)...peace and reconciliation with God and our fellow man.


  1. Thank you Mary for all the nice things you say about me and my book and Blog.

    I now have to buy a new set of hats because my head is so big the old hats don't fit anymore.

    Oh drat ... I can't even get out of the house. My head is stuck in the doorway and I'm typing this with my feet! Luckily the PC is near the door.

    God bless you for now ... Byeeeee ... Ouch ... still stuck ... heeelp !!!!

  2. I agree Mary, I love Victor's stories and have his book which I thought was wonderful and my niece really loved it....I had set up a post about his blog and book and blogger didn't print it as scheduled, I am going to try again tonight......:-) Hugs

  3. Victor,
    I'll have to mail you a new one! God bless you and thanks for touching our hearts through your book and blog :) I love your sense of humor! I was giggling at some of the parts in the book especially, "Later that evening Debra made sure that her husband regretted having an opinion that did not conform to hers!" I thought that was so funny!

  4. Bernie,
    I do, too! Good luck getting it printed. Hugs to you, too :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the link to Victor's blog. His post really struck a deep chord in me.I am going to try Fr. Ignatius' little exercise- little maybe, easy definitely not. In Victor's post along with your Children of the King posts as well as some other events in my life lately, I have felt God tugging at me to look at myself and see myself in His eyes. Perhaps not only to love myself better but others as well.

  6. Karinann,
    I've always found your blog aptly named, O Daughter of the King :)