Saturday, April 17, 2010


I'm sorry if I haven't been moderating comments and visiting everyone's blogs. This time the insomnia threw me for a loop. I was afraid to post because I thought it would probably come out like gibberish. Fellow insomniacs can probably relate...the point where your brain becomes mush and body parts won't obey your commands :) It's not useless though because I've been offering it up. God brings good out of everything - that's something I'm certain of . I'll be back soon.

P.S.(Spelling and grammatical errors do not count when you're tired :) )


  1. I have a related problem. I do not like going to bed and I stay up all hours. No matter how much I try to pain to go to bed, it doesn't happen. And if I go too early, then I have insomnia. It all catches up to me though by the end of the week and I fall asleep in my chair! Hugs!

  2. I've had insomnia before! My doctor finally got me to agree to some SHORT TERM medication. However, it took me about 2 months to even get the prescription filled. Finally, when the doctor asked how I was doing...I had to fess up to tell her I've never filled it. She MADE me fill it. To this day, I've never even taken one! However, once I got the prescription filled.....I suddenly started sleeping. I guess my problem was just knowing that I had it IF I needed it.
    I know that your insomnia comes from something different....but, it might be good idea to look at a remedy that you hadn't considered before! How about a nice glass of wine right before bed with a Kenny G. chaser???? :)

  3. Hi Mary,

    I have red your post several thymes and their r know spilling or grim attical orrors. So you're not tyred I take it.

    I am praying for you Mary that you can tackle your insomnia and get some much needed rest. May the Lord be always with you and bless you at all times.

    Best wishes.

  4. I've been down Insomnia Alley, and it used to drive me nuts. I'd lay there and thrash and spin, doing what I used to call "the washing machine bit", until the clock was about to go off, then stumble out of bed feeling nervous about whether I'd be able to function through the day.

    Finally I got to the point where I said, "Jesus, if you could feed the multitude with a few loves as a couple of fish, then I'm going to have to trust you to get me through the day on next-to-no sleep."

    I still wish I could sleep better, but I realize that he's kept me safe (as well as helped me to carry out my responsibilities safely) even when I didn't think I could do it on my own.

    I've also learned that I get nowhere doing the washing machine bit. So when I start flopping around in the bed repeatedly trying to find the elusive Perfect Position, yet am still unable to sleep, I get up and read or do something else. Otherwise I just get more and more tense hoping sleep will come.

    Good luck!

  5. Hello from a fellow sometime insomniac. When those times hit, I always try to get something useful done, maybe some study or good reading, or some other thing I had been struggling to find time for. I reckon I'm not going to sleep anyway, so I might as well. Harder to do with 'mush-brained' insomnia, its true. I sympathise with you!

    Insomnia sometimes happens with me when I become 'jet-lagged' without leaving the ground, because of a lack of moderation or good balance in my daily life. Interestingly it sometimes happens when I go healthier and am waiting for my body to adjust to its new-found energy and stamina.

    Happy snoozing when it comes :)

  6. Mary,

    You will be in my prayers this morning as I say my rosary.

    Peace to you

  7. Mary, I've been wondering what was going on. How did your tests come out? Do you have a diagnosis yet? I miss you!

    Today I'm going to the naturopath to find out about my hormones and what I need to do to correct some deficiencies. I'll be blogging about it.

  8. Thank you all for your wonderful comments:) I'm sure things will work out soon. Sooner or later I'll probably just pass out - that should help!

    I was supposed to go to the doctor's this past Thursday but I was too tired to drive so I cancelled it, I was afraid I'd get in an accident. I'm trying a bunch of alternative remedies but they are not working. I'm sure the Lord has a purpose for allowing this, He doesn't waste anything so I'm just trying to wait it out.

  9. I hope I never have insomnia. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for you and your loved ones. I will continue to ask God to uphold you, if not heal you outright. I am sure you would agree with me that His purpose isn't always for us to know. It's that lemons into lemon-aid thing, right? God bless you.

  10. Sarah,
    I hope you never have insomnia either. I slept last night :) Hurray! Thanks for your prayers!

  11. Praise the Lord.

    I am still praying you get better.

    God bless.