Sunday, April 25, 2010

The power of one...the power of many

In many of my past posts I have written about words that the Lord has given me concerning the need for our nation to "Wake up!" This word continues to reverberate throughout my being. To be blunt:
If we don't wake up and turn whole-heartedly toward the Lord then I assure you that America will find herself in bigger trouble than she already is. A nation without God is a nation that cannot stand for very long. We must look at the past and learn from it. Does America believe that she is exempt from judgment? Is our pride so great? Pray for wisdom. Wisdom to see what is coming upon us if we don't turn back.

It is time for Christians to use the powerful voices the Lord has given us and speak out against the evil that consumes our nation. I have often heard the words, "Why bother? No one pays attention or hears us anyway." This attitude is not of God. It's called apathy. A better word for it is sloth and it is one of the seven deadly sins. The notion that one person cannot make a difference in the world is false. The Blessed Virgin Mary changed the course of history with her yes to God. Look at St. Joan of Arc or St. Teresa of Avila. Every "yes" to God makes a difference. It's may seem like tossing a pebble into the ocean... and yet it's effects ripple into eternity. Believe this with all your heart. This is faith. Faith in God and faith that He hears  our prayers and answers them. One person speaking in faith is more powerful than an army with no faith at all.

 Remember the story The Emperor's New Clothes? No one spoke up except for one little child who shouted out that the emperor was naked. Everyone knew that he was naked but no one would speak out this truth. It took a child. We need to humble ourselves and learn to speak the truth clearly and without fear.

Imagine the power of many yesses to God. Imagine the power of speaking the truth without fear. This is a gift that God gives to those who will accept it.

"Hear the word of the Lord, O people of Israel,
 for the Lord has a grievance
 against the inhabitants of the land:
There is no fidelity, no mercy,
no knowledge of God in the land.
False swearing, lying, murder, stealing
 and adultery!
  in their lawlessness, bloodshed
   follows bloodshed.
Therefore the land mourns,
 and everything that dwells in it
The beasts of the field,
  the birds of the air
  and even the fish of the sea perish."     Hosea 4:1-3

"Awake, O sleeper,
 and arise from the dead,
and Christ will give you light."     Eph 5:14

Utterly Thine, O Lord!


  1. Mary,
    All we need to do is substitute America for Israel in that passage from Hosea. It is unfortunately very fitting. I had a conversation with my Mom today trying to get her to see that a nation that allows and even signs into "law" the killing of the unborn will stop at nothing. She was commenting on some of the increased violence even on a local level. She came out with the old line of "well I still believe in it in cases of rape." It was at that point I heard myself shouting NO! into the phone. And then gave her the reasons for that NO. Not sure she got it or expected it from me, but what I said needed to be said.
    Sorry for the long comment. Thank you for your courageous voice; may we all join ours with yours.
    God Bless!

  2. Karin,
    You have a strong voice for the Lord and are unafraid to use it, too. The time is coming when we all must speak for the Lord with courage, those who are not for Him will be against Him. Even now, if a person looks with clear eyes at the goings on in this world a picture is emerging. Hearts are being purified at a stepped up pace. The Lord is calling people to Him at a rate that I have never seen before. Mother Mary continues to appear throughout the world calling people to turn to Jesus. It's a bit unsettling, some of the warnings are quite strong.
    Abortion is a great gaping wound on the heart of this nation that our Lord would like to heal. I pray that we will allow Him to bring this much needed healing to us. People have free will and our choices will make or break us. My hope is that we become a nation that embraces life :)

  3. Hi Mary, I can very much relate to your post, and it seems right on target. It's such an affirmation as well. Even my last post touches on this subject I think regarding a different matter.

    I was just thinking this morning how many times I have heard the words: "If it is the Lord's will it will happen." Yes true...but not always. We have to pray. God is sovereign, but there is a mystery here in that He invites us to be partner with Him through our prayers. Leaving so much to chance without prayer is like seeing a homeless person, patting them on the head and telling them God will provide, and then walking away. Apathy is good word you have used.

    Thank you for continuing to share your heart.

    My new blog address:

    Same blog, new address...

  4. "It took a child" I would totally agree to that!

  5. Mary, great post against the discouragement that can tempt us to despair when we sense the greatness of the worldwide task. The power of one is greater than we can humanly measure, and we can never forget that, nor underestimate our walk with Jesus. We DO make a difference! Also, not to forget there are many 'ones' out there on the team :)

  6. Hi Cheri! You bring up some very good points in your comment. We are called to do more than just pray - we have to live our faith.
    I still have to change the name on your blog in my sidebar. I haven't been on the computer much lately due to lack of sleep but I'll make sure I change it this week :)

  7. Anne,
    As a mother I am sometimes amazed what comes out of the mouths of children. One day, I was in a grouchy mood and my daughter said, "Mommy, you really, really need to pray a Mercy Chaplet!"
    I agreed :)The funny thing was... it was 3:00 in the afternoon and I usually DO pray the chaplet at this hour.

  8. This is a very good post - thank you.

    Here in the UK too Christianity is sadly in retreat as we become more and more a secular nation.

    Christianity is often ridiculed on TV and the media and there's a tendency to view Christians as objects of fun.

    Here's an example that happened a couple of days ago.

    As you may know, the Pope is due to visit the UK in September. We're now in the middle of a general election to elect a new Government. As you'd expect there are news stories every day regarding politics.

    Recently there has been a leaked memo from a Government Department. The memo was written within that Department in order to prepare for the Pope's visit and to ensure its success. It outlines suggestions on how to ensure the visit's success, such as:

    The Pope whilst in the UK should visit an abortion clinic.

    He should bless a gay marriage.

    He should launch a new "Benedict Condom". etc ...

    Obviously this has offended many Catholics here. But it underlines that even within Government there are those who see Christianity (and the Pope) as an object of fun.

  9. Pip,
    Yes, there are many ones :) Things may look bad but we have God's word that all things are in his hands. That gives me great hope for my country and the world.

  10. Victor,
    That's awful! I realize that the UK is caught in the same trap as America. Satan is working overtime - though many people don't believe he exists.

  11. "The Emperor's New Clothes" has been a favorite Chinese fairy tale of mine since I was a child. When Jesus said that we must become as little children in order to enter heaven, I think this is one of the things He meant. To have simplicity and speak the truth clearly with courage is difficult as adults, but if we are really friends of Jesus we will do it no matter the cost. Glad you're back to blogging more. Hope those sleep disturbances get resolved.