Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holding Grace's Hand

My daughter has a friend named Grace and the two of them often walk around holding hands. Walking to the pool or playground, one of them inevitably reaches out to grasp the other's hand. It's as if they innately understand the power of two. A united front. They even run this way at times with the faster child slowing her steps to match those of the slower one. It reminds me of God's grace.

God is always with us. Grace frees us, supports us, heals us, comforts us, molds us. The saints were not born saints. They became saints. When God reached out to grasp their hands they did not pull away but placed their hands in His. At first grace moves slowly, for it is patient. Then it moves at a steady pace because grace endures and believes. Next, grace runs for it is strong and courageous. Finally, grace and the human person fly in unity straight into Heaven, for grace is love and love is everlasting.

"It is not enough for me that God has given me grace once, but he must give it always. I ask, that I may receive; and when I have received, I ask again. "          St. Jerome

"Behold, I make all things new."             Rev. 21:5


  1. Mary I was taught many years ago about Grace and I was taught this way....if I am working on an issue I can monitor myself as I go, like I can be 20% there, then 36% or 45% and then at 51% Grace kicks in and takes me the rest of the way, something like balancing a butter knife on your finger.......when you work hard and finally get it balanced, you don't have to do anything else.....that is what I call Grace. It always works for me this way...Hugs

  2. Bernie,
    Thanks for your insight. I know grace requires a response from us and we can walk away from it if we choose but I never thought of it from this viewpoint :) Hugs to you too, Bernie!