Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I was thinking...

I was thinking about my previous post and the word "anawim" kept coming to mind. This was part of a word given to me last year and I am reprinting it because I believe it is becoming more and more relevant to the times we live in: http://openingthefloodgatesofmercy.blogspot.com/2009/08/do-ye-gird-your-loins-stand-up-and-tell.html. Another blogger, Barb from Suffering with Joy,  left an interesting comment on the term "anawim" underneath my post.  It helped me understand that our "greatness" is in our "littleness".  St. Therese had this littleness down pat. When we totally depend on the Lord and allow Him to shine through us... the sky is the limit. This is how humble fishermen became great leaders of the faith. God could do more through them because they didn't cling to delusions of grandeur about themselves like the Pharisees did. Knowing who you are and accepting yourself  "as is" allows the Lord to transform us in ways we cannot even understand. Thinking that we are something or somebody we are not puts a stumbling block in our path. Acknowledging our gifts and accepting ourselves (faults and all) makes us more open to God and much more accepting of others. It's kind of hard to judge someone when we see the very same things in ourself :)

This does not mean we should accept our sins. We should love ourselves and one another but hate the sins. People confuse this in our day. If you say something is sinful (such as abortion) you will likely hear how judgmental you are. This is ridiculous! Why do you think people have consciences? To judge right from wrong of course! It's the person we are not supposed to judge... not the sin! Our consciences are a gift. We cannot throw them out. This is incredibly dangerous and foolish though the world may tell us otherwise.

How I got on the subject of consciences I'll never know. I think it's because I went to confession today :)


  1. I guess it comes down to that if we are too full of ourselves, there is no room for Christ to fill us.
    I read your August post about the anawim- interesting word but I believe a powerful truth. Like you said yesterday- everyone matters. Among that everyone we never know who may be among that army! I think we should all at least strive to enlist in it.

  2. I think Jesus and Mary would like us all to be in that army! Sign us up, Lord!

    Yes, everyone matters. Sadly, not everyone believes this. Many people have things backwards. They think it is about the worldly power the person has (like the President) and not who the person is (someone created in God's image). To God, a 90 year old woman from Africa is as important as a world leader. She may be even greater if she is in God's hands :)Like Mother Theresa!

  3. Mary, thank you so much for sharing your posts. They are full of encouragement and realness. Appreciate you sharing also on my blog. Blessings dear one.