Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sleeping in boxes

My nephew and his friends are sleeping in boxes outside their church this weekend to raise money for the homeless. Each teenager has to build their own little "box house" and sleep in there overnight. The pastor of their parish is joining them. I'm going to sneak by there Saturday night and take a peek at their "village". Please keep the homeless and these teenagers in your prayers.

Over the years the amount of homeless people in our small city has increased. One of the homeless that I met last summer was Jacob. I thought I spotted him riding a bike a few weeks ago but am not absolutely sure because he whizzed by pretty fast. Another homeless man that my husband met was Gregory (bizzarre story). I hope they're doing well.


  1. What a great idea! I shall keep them in my prayers (they've given me ideas too :-) )

  2. Are you going to sleep in a box, CWA? Don't forget to have someone take pictures ;)

  3. Back when I lived up in the Great Cold North, there was a man who appeared to be homeless who would show up to daily Mass at either IC or St. Kathryn's. He reminded me a bit of Rich Mullins. Sometimes I'd see him riding around town on his bike, and he always followed the Mass from his own very battered missal.

    When it got cold, I wanted to buy a GC to Payless Shoes and sneak it into his backpack when he went up for Communion because he always wore sandals, but then one day he showed up with a coat and shoes, so I didn't. We moved after that, but I wonder if he was your Jacob.

  4. Jane,
    That's Larry. He still travels around town attending different Masses on his trusty old bicycle. I see him at my church (St. Patrick's) on occasion. My brother sees him at IC quite often. He probably wouldn't have accepted the shoes even if you had bought them. You have to wait until Christmas and say things are gifts :) He does have shoes but doesn't always wear them. He also has a great devotion to Our Lady!

  5. ah who knows! In the next academic year I'm hoping our Catholic society can do something to raise money for the homeless or to help facilitate us to help them more on a one-to-one basis in the town closest to us - it seems like a great way to raise money! If we do it, there will be lots of pictures don't you worry :-)

  6. CWA,
    It's heartbreaking to see so many homeless folks everywhere. The economic downturn has affected us all but the poor to a greater degree. There are entire families without shelter and this is not acceptable. The "shanty towns" are a great way to raise money for this cause. Donating to St. Vincent de Paul, Catholic Charities, food pantries, and soup kitchens are other ways we can help, too.
    Sorry, CWA, I had to plug these charities while I had the opportunity :)

  7. Mary, thank you--I'm glad you know him, and yes, I could tell he had great devotion (although I could never have told you to whom. He just looked especially reverent when receiving the Eucharist and afterward.)

    I used to pray for him but I'd forgotten some time after we moved.