Friday, June 4, 2010


I know a woman who has one of the best conversion stories that I have ever heard. No, there were no trumpets. No conks over the head. No visions or miracles. Like many, she grew fed up with her life. One day she simply said:

"Jesus, come into my heart."  And He did. Right at that moment. Jesus came into her heart and now she is constantly on fire with love for Him. She attends daily Mass and is a powerful prayer warrior. She has a special quality that I've always admired in others. I call it "holy simplicity" but I think the real term is "purity of heart".  God is doing amazing things in her because she is so open to Him. She doesn't sift through her past, call herself unworthy or even worry about sins once they are confessed; she simply accepts Jesus wholeheartedly and  follows where He leads. In other words...her eyes are on Him. Constantly.

One might think that she had an easy life and had no "issues". This couldn't be further from the truth. She had plenty! After saying "Jesus, come into my heart" she just knew that none of them mattered. The words "God alone" hit me every time I think about her.

Purity of heart is a great thing.


  1. Keeping our eyes on Jesus is definitely the key, although at times I am more like Peter walking on the water- I make the mistake of looking down. Thankfully Jesus is always there to answer my cry of Lord save me!

  2. Karin,
    I make the same mistake :)

  3. What a lovely story and what a great example this lady is to the rest of us.

    Thanx Mary.

    God bless.

  4. This lady lives in the moment, something we all strive for.....I too look down once in a while and then softly feel God lifting my head to look up again, Faith is beautiful and I thank God for this gift every day......Hugs

  5. "God alone" is my favorite prayer. It's hard to mean it though, because so many other things seem to get in the way and try to take his place. Thank you for sharing the story of your friend-it is so admirable! I will try to remember this the next time I'm tempted to beat myself up about my past!