Friday, June 11, 2010

O Heart Divine!

Nothing...and I mean nothing moves me more than meditating on the Heart of Jesus. In the early years of my prayer life I was so consumed by this that I started uniting my heartbeats with his. When I couldn't find time for prayer I would simply unite each beat of my heart with each beat of his. This proved very fruitful for me as Jesus' Heart was always in the forefront of my thoughts. I do this before I go to sleep, too. As a matter of fact, it's such a given at this point that when I hear my heart beat I think of Jesus. By uniting our hearts in this manner I have received "grace upon grace" without letup. Jesus is the Gate of Heaven through which we all must enter:

The Sign of the Cross

O Most Beautiful Gate
O heart Divine
Upon Thy Portal
Is nailed a sign
All who would enter
Whom the Father shall see
All who would enter
Must enter through Me


  1. Oh Mary,

    What precious joy you share today! I will NEVER forget this "O Heart Divine"!

    What a treasure, thank you.

  2. Mary,
    I love this and am going to put in my prayer journal (if that's OK) One night when I went into the adoration chapel to spend my usual weekly hour with Jesus, I found the chapel empty- apparently there was no 11pm adorer or they had left early. My heart ached at the thought of Jesus being left alone, so I asked Him that if ever He found himself in that situation again to allow me to unite my heart with His and at least be with Him in Spirit.

  3. Victor, DG, and Karin,
    Thank you all for your kind comments :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed it, DG!

    Karin, you don't have to ask if it's OK ...of course it is!
    I have gone to adoration and have found the chapel empty, too. It should be packed all the time but I often find myself alone or with just a few people. Just as you were saddened at the number of people who took part in the Eucharistic procession so it must sadden Jesus to see so few people go to adoration, too. Your love surely consoles Him.

  4. Ok Mary I have to fess up on this one- it wasn't that I was saddened at the lack of numbers in the chapel, but part of having a perpetual adoration chapel is that Jesus is never to be left alone. If your replacement doesn't show you stay, or if it's during daytime/early evening, you call the rectory and they will send someone.
    Truth be known I kind of like when there is only one or 2 people there or when I am alone during my hour- I get Jesus all to myself :)So yes I love Him, but I can also get a bit selfish and greedy with Him at times too. :)

  5. Well, I guess since you are being honest I should also:
    As much as I realize the chapel should be packed, I like when I find myself alone with Him, too :)

  6. I love the thought of you joing your heartbeat with Our Lord's, something I have never thought of so thank you Mary for sharing this. I love it.......:-) Hugs

  7. I love being alone with Jesus too. But one time we were having adoration and I went to the chapel and it was empty. No one had stayed or called to say they were not coming. I was so upset, I burst into tears.
    Love this post Mary!

  8. Thank you, Bernie and Colleen, I'm glad you liked it :)

    I can picture you doing that. You're very soft-hearted :)

  9. Your post reminded me about a passage in St. Faustina's diary where she wrote something to the effect that even while she was sleeping she offered every heartbeat to Jesus as an act of love. Often I've thought of this. It is so simple. We can console Jesus even when we are sleeping. I so much want to be united with Jesus every second of every day, but we are not like God who keeps all things in mind at all times. The heartbeat idea is really wonderful because when we are concentrating on doing our daily duties, underneath it all we are with Him.

  10. Barb,
    The way I think of it is that Jesus sanctified everything, even our heartbeats, so I don't want to waste anything :) I breathe with Him, too.

  11. Love this Mary! I am so drawn to His Sacred Heart, especially this year, I feel closer to Him and more loved by Him than ever. I am going to use your idea of uniting my heart to His. It's wonderful!