Friday, May 13, 2011

I really wish....

...that I would remember to back up my posts. Sigh. I hope the blog monster (brother to the sock monster) is pleased with his recent post snatching. I had a problem with his brother today, too, while doing laundry. Well, at least the sock monster had some mercy and didn't steal many of our socks. He was kind enough to leave the ones with the holes in the toes. The blog monster actually worries me more because he could steal ALL our posts on a grumpy day instead of just one or two.

 Oops! I better not give him any ideas while he is still lurking in the blogosphere waiting for more victims!


  1. Mary,
    According to the blogger site, they are trying to recover all posts they had to remove, so perhaps the monster will not have won after all. :)

  2. It's me again. I just went to comment on your post from yesterday which the blogmonster prevented me from doing yesterday only to find that was the post he snatched! It was an excellent and much needed post. I loved the list of things that could possibly block the Holy Spirit from working in us. It is so easy to let those things creep in. I know I often block His work in me or at the very least hinder it. I am looking forward to your future posts on charisms. I pray blogger can retrieve your post from yesterday from the blogmonster.
    I also find it interesting that this bloggercrash happened on today's feast of Our Lady of Fatima- got the feeling you know who does not want any of us posting about the importance of that message. (Sorry for the post-length comment)

  3. I know, I didn't back up mine either and it's gone sadly! I loved your post from yesterday and was planning to come back and study it a bit! I hope they fix things and the lost posts come back...I did hear they are trying!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. The sock monster and blog monster as brothers- that made me laugh. :)
    Hope our posts reappear!
    If you're subscribed to your own blog, check google reader. I was able to copy my last post from there and saved it on my computer.

  5. Karin,
    I hope they do recover them! I lost the one I had up but I also lost the draft for my next post that went with it so I was kind of disappointed. I wonder if they can restore the drafts too? I know a lot of bloggers don't back up their posts so many of them must have been frustrated.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my post on charisms. I didn't realize anyone had a chance to read it because I posted it right before blogger had problems. I will continue it next week. I have trouble finding time to write on the weekend because I work and don't have much free time when Michaela's home.

    "You know who" loves choosing special days to wreak his havoc!

    Thanks for commenting :)

  6. Colleen,
    I'm sorry you lost your post too. I know how hard it is to find extra time when you have a child. Hopefully they'll restore them...but I'm not holding my breath ;) I'm glad to hear that you had the chance to read my post and liked it!

    I hope you have a great weekend too!

  7. Hi Mary, the last thing I did yesterday before blogger crashed was to comment on that post and I see your post is back but my comment is gone!

    You can be grateful that the blogmonster and the sock monster were both kind to you regarding your entry for the book drawing! You were the only one who commented regarding wanting the book, so it's yours! I'll send you some sea glass, too.

    Thanks for all that you do in the blogosphere! You make this world a beautiful place! Can you send me your mailing address? Thanks much!

  8. Thank you, Jade!!! I wasn't sure, but when I checked the post was there! I copied it and am going to repost it! If they end up replacing the missing posts I'll just delete one of them :) I hope they can get the drafts back too because I lost one.

  9. And I thought there was something wrong with my computer !!!!

    I lost my post on Desperate Prayer. I came here to re-read your post about Charisms and it was gone. I visited Karinann and other bloggers and their posts were gone too. Perhaps I need a bigger memory on my computer. I'll ask an expert.

    God bless.

  10. Anne! That is awesome! I love sea glass too (so does Michaela). I'll e-mail you this weekend with my address! Thank you!

    The only reason my post is back is because I copied it from Google Reader. That's why there are no comments :) God bless you, Anne!

  11. Victor,
    So did I! But then I remembered that this computer is fairly new and EVEN I could not have killed it that quickly :)

    I'm sorry you lost your post but you still might get it back (or so I'm told). On occasion, Blogger has problems like this. I didn't get my post back, I copied it from Google Reader thanks to Jade!

  12. I don't think I lost any posts, Mary. I was just about to publish a long overdue Bush Boys post when the Blogger problems started. Thankfully, my finished draft was still there when everything got back to normal. The whole episode was for me a lesson in patience and showed me how much I rely on the Internet and blogging in particular. In the end, I gave up and went to read a real book! There is always a good side to everything when I am willing to admit it. God bless!

  13. Thanx Mary.

    Desperate Prayer is back on my Blog.

    God bless.

  14. Just a note: I am writing my posts in Word and then copying them to Wordpress. My site is hosted locally unlike most of you who use Blogger. I learned the hard way that in the middle of writing a post in Wordpress the whole thing can disappear! Fortunately my host backs up everything in the wee hours every morning or I could suffer the same fate as those using Blogger.

    It's hard work to write, so maybe those of you using Blogger could write your posts first in Word, save them in Word, and then copy them to Blogger. That way you won't ever permanently lose a post.

  15. Barb,
    I always knew you were much smarter than the rest of us :) Thanks for the advice!