Friday, August 5, 2011

Come, all ye who thirst

A warning for all those who are sticklers concerning children and their behavior at Mass:

Do not read this story.... it will offend you. As for everyone else, read on if you'd like : )

When I was responding to comments on my last post I remembered an incident that took place when my daughter was almost 2. One day at Mass I was in my usual spot at the back of the church trying to pay attention to my prayers while also keeping my eye on my toddler who was walking back and forth inspecting church bulletins and picking up lint and various other stuff off the rug back there. She always had a fascination with the marble Holy Water font and I often spent much of my time trying to keep her away from it. While caught up in praying the Our Father back there, I lost sight of my daughter for a split second. Well...
all those with children realize that a split second is all it takes. When I glanced over, her cupped hands were dipped into the Holy Water font and I bet you all can guess what she did next, can't you? Yep, that little tot, in spite of her mom's "Noooo! Don't do it!" ..... did it. She hurried and raised those cupped hands to her little mouth and drank it. That same Holy Water that thousands of people had recently dipped their hands into was now in my little angel's (wink, wink) tummy. To say I was horrified is an understatement. I picked her up and scolded her asking her why she would do such a thing.

 "But, Mama, I was firsty."

I guess one could call this "living waters" as I suspect that water was indeed teeming with life of every sort.

I won't bother telling you about the time she unscrewed a large screw from a kneeler. It's a good thing the Church doesn't excommunicate two-year-olds.


  1. Oh, Mary...I am guessing you are a pretty good Mom and your daughter is no worse for the, drink! :-)

    Have a good weekend.


  2. Mary,
    She lived :) I have no idea how often the Holy Water gets refilled but was praying that it was recent.

  3. Oh Mary ... you've given me a great idea. I'll patent it and I'll be rich ... very rich ...

    A kneeler which plays children's music when they kneel on it. It could be children's hymns like "All things bright and beautiful" and such like. For older people you can have grown up hymns and Gregorian Chants!

    I'm gonna be rich!!!

    God bless you and your daughter. In the case of your daughter, she's already blessed from within!

  4. Funny, Victor! Just don't forget where you got the idea ;)

    Speaking of funny, your most recent post was hilarious! I'm STILL laughing about it! You certainly have a way with words, Victor. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter I could not keep a straight face. The cancan did me in :)

    Blessed within she is!

  5. LOL Mary!!!! Hubby actually drank a whole bottle of holy water out of our refrigerator once. I asked him "Didn't you see the big JMJ and cross I put on the bottle cap and side of the bottle???" Apparently he didn't. I love Suzie Lloyd's title of one of her books, Please Don't Drink the Holy Water. Thanks for sharing this story :)

  6. HILARIOUS! But Holy Water is holy so it would be the best dirty germ thing she could ingest? OK, I sooooooooo want to hear your other stories!

  7. Kathryn,
    Funny!! He must have had a wonderful day! We keep Holy Water in our house too. I'll have to look for the book you mention :)

  8. Maria,
    That's probably the reason why she didn't get sick :) Trust me, you don't want to hear the other stories (lol). Some people get offended by the behavior of children at Mass but interiorly these little ones are far more "pure" than the rest of us sitting in the pews and the Lord loves children. Their innocence and purity of heart delights Him!