Friday, August 26, 2011

Would You Care for a Slice of Humble Pie?

My computer illiteracy isn't limited to just using a extends to pretty much everything concerning computers in general. My brother is a computer programmer and I have to admit that when he tries to explain how certain programs work my brain processes it as Martian and quickly shuts down to avoid further attempts at alien intrusion.

On occasion, I have noticed that my site stats jump suddenly and inexplicably. Being a somewhat logical person my reactions following these sudden jumps were always, "Wow! Who would have thunk it?! Someone is actually reading ALL my posts." Two plus two equals four, right? "Hmmm....maybe my posts are more interesting than I thought."

Until I read THIS.

Not wanting to be a hog and eat all the pie alone I am kindly sharing it with my fellow bloggers. Enjoy ;)

Some people are just too honest, wouldn't you say?


  1. So let me get this straight- the only one reading my blog is a Googlebot (whatever that is) and a handful of kind readers such as yourself?! Actually, now that I think about it, I might prefer it that way. Thanks for the humility check, Mary. :)

  2. When I discovered that my visitor statistics were DECREASING everytime I looked at them, my computer expert explained that this is because a number of my readers are actively trying to forget some of the stuff I write on my Blog!

    God bless.

  3. i think that is what is happening to my blog as well

  4. Karin,
    I got a good laugh after reading Bear's post and the comments afterward :) I couldn't resist sharing this little bit of info with Googlebutt (oops, I meant bot) and my own handful of readers. Never say I do not share! Lol!

  5. Very funny :) You know what's really humbling? One of my top ten posts is about chihuahuas and another is about purple shampoo! How's that for a reality check?! Lol!

  6. Isaac,
    I'll pop on over and increase your stats if you'd like ;)

  7. Since Mother Teresa's feastday is coming up, let's remember that we're called to be faithful, not successful :-)

  8. I think the Good Lord knew I needed to read this one today Mary!!!!It's like him saying "get over yourself girl"..!!!

    Thank you for my slice of pie!

  9. ThereseRita,
    It's all good :) I'm enjoying a little whine with my slice of humble pie ;)

    Somehow I doubt Mother Teresa had to deal with Doodlebops (oops again!) tracking her! Lol!

  10. DG,
    Anything for a friend - my aim is to serve. Care for seconds?


  11. ThereseRita,
    Just a thought:
    I just caught the word "feastday" in your comment and couldn't help but think that it fits this post very nicely indeed :)

  12. Hi Mary. Got any pie left? I actually used to click on the spam referrals in my stats before I learned what they were. I got suspicious when taken to a site which sold cigars! One night, someone clicked on every single link in my blogroll, bumping my stats up by about 20 hits on a slow day.

    I don't know what's going on out there. I'm just grateful when you and others I know actually do visit, read and even comment.

    So thanks to all the REAL people, and to heck with the stats! Sprinkle a few nuts on my pie : )

  13. Patricia,
    Oh, yes, we must not forget spammers! Spammers, Googlebots, accidental visitors - it's enough to deflate even the biggest head :) Does Blogger count our own hits? Lol!

    Your blog is beautiful, Patricia, and I'm certain most of the hits are real ones. Stats don't tell us a thing about a blog's content. They can be fun to look at but they don't count for much :)

    One serving with nuts (plenty of those around) coming right up!

  14. Mary,
    I wonder if anyone is strong enough to never look at stats. I try it now and then and then curiosity gets the better of me!

    The other thing I don't understand is feedburner. How can the number of readers vary so much from day to day? It's very humbling when I can't resist temptation and find my reader numbers have fallen so quickly. What did I write that was so bad, boring, uninteresting...? Did everyone suddenly decide to delete me from their reading lists at the same time? Yes, very humbling! I should never look!!!

  15. Haha!:) When I first began blogging I checked my stats with interest and found that someone also had been spending a lot of time on my blog, hours in fact, and I felt pretty proud of that until I showed my husband and he informed me that it was my own time being logged. So yes I understand this feeling well!:)

  16. Blogger, and site meter will track your own hits, unless you tell them to ignore hits from your IP address

  17. Sue,
    I've gone for months without checking them. The thing is that Blogger added the Stat counter to the dashboards last year and it is just toooo easy to peek at them :)
    I don't even understand what feedburner is to be honest with you (lol)!

  18. Colleen,
    Funny!! So they DO count our own hits?! Hee!Hee! I'll have to click on my own posts on bad days so I won't feel as bad ;) Let me know if you're having a bad day and I'll visit you twenty times - after all, what are friends for! Lol!

  19. Funny post and even funnier comments! We all need a slice of humble pie from time to time!
    I used to check my stats too but then realized they weren't very indicative of anything. And then I realized I was going to write whether or not 1 person read my posts or 100 read them. So I stopped paying attention. It was too distracting!! :)

  20. Bear,
    You and Puff are in cahoots with each other! Have mercy and leave us sitting blissfully in our own ignorance!!

    By the way, Puff is too smart for her own good... not only does she dish up humble pie to a good part of the blogosphere she BACKS up the information with links so that no one can deny the truth of her statement!

    I have to admit though: WELL DONE! We could all use a dose of reality. Plus, it made me laugh for two days :)

    I will NOT tell Blogger to ignore my own hits, Bear. Sheesh! Give us a break! Some of us depend on these! Lol!


  21. Colleen,
    I laughed so hard when I read what Puff said to Bear! It just struck my funny bone and I thought others would find it funny too :)

    I guess the stats are even less indicative of anything than we originally thought. Lol!

    Mercy hits, anyone?