Monday, August 8, 2011

Meme - What Would Your Patronage Be?

The idea for this meme began with The Curt Jester's post, Saintly Planning .

In her efforts to kindly assist us all in planning (very funny, Puff)  for our hoped for sainthood, Puff from Puff's Blog About Stuff brings to us this meme:

Assuming you are a saint, and your cause has been executed, your miracles confirmed, your date on the calendar established, all that is required is to select that of which Holy Mother Church will name you Patron (ess) of.

For this meme, you must name your patronage
and then tag 5 other people who would like to play along.

Linking your answer to your nominator's post would make it easier to get your answers.

After reading the post over at The Curt Jester my chances of ever being canonized are slim at best : ) Though one never knows - perhaps I pull a Saint Augustine at some point, or maybe one of the other "wicked saint" maneuvers. Still, it's probably best to presume I was martyred for the Faith for some reason. Yes, that's it. I was defending the Eucharist while infidels were storming my parish and I died during the ensuing firestorm of bullets. (Did I ever tell you that St. Tarcisius was one of my favorite saints when I was young? Having practiced "dying in defense of the Eucharist" a thousand times as a child, this would seem a likely scenario. Lol!)

Sorry. I got distracted for a minute.

 On a more serious note, I think I would be one of the patron saints of the chronically ill or those who suffer from depression and anxiety. Why? Because I can relate to their suffering and I already intercede for them anyway so I would just be continuing to do the same thing except in a greater way. I may have been healed of Myasthenia Gravis but I haven't forgotten just how difficult suffering like this can be.

I tag:
Colleen at Thoughts on Grace
Karinann at Daughter of the King
Kathryn at Heart for God
Anne at Imprisoned in my Bones
Barb at Suffering with Joy


  1. Yes, the depressed get prayers often but the anxious are more often than not told to just shake it off.

    Anxiety can be just as debilitating as depression.

  2. Puff,
    It sure can. When I was younger I used to have terrible anxiety and often people who are chronically ill suffer from depression as well. I went through some rough times. Plus I've seen my father's terrible pain (Bipolar) over the years so I always keep those who are suffering in this way in my prayers. I actually have a list and pray for each person individually as well as together. I pray for you and your family (as well as other members of your family that you and Bear have mentioned on The Spirit's Sword). Thanks for tagging me for this meme. I enjoyed doing it! We may never be canonized but saints we have to be nonetheless! God bless!

  3. Well, we have to become saints I mean - it's a requirement for heaven :)

  4. True Mary-canonized or not, everyone in heaven is a saint. Thanks for the tag. I tagged Randy-figured I would officially welcome him to the blogosphere with a meme :)

  5. Such an interesting meme, Mary! Some people have such great ideas. Now I'm thinking... patron saint of what? I bet I think about it all day.

    Depression - such a huge burden to bear. Definitely a worthy suffering to be patron saint of. God bless, Mary.

  6. Might as well get Randy off to a good start :) I enjoy doing memes like this one. (I also loved the Scripture one that went around a while back.)

    I loved your post, Karin. I can see you doing this in heaven.

  7. Sue,
    I was going to tag you! I held back because I knew you were in the process of starting a new blog and wasn't sure if you would have the time to do it. If you do have the time - consider yourself tagged :)

  8. Thanks for the tag, Mary! This is quite the thought-provoking MEME. And yes, you would be a great Patron Saint for the depressed and anxious, you've already been such a wonderful and supportive friend to me through my own struggles with both of these! I know that through your intercession my burdens have been lifted!

  9. Hi Anne! I figured you might enjoy this meme so I tagged you - only if you have the time of course :)

    Thanks for your kind comment here, Anne. I'm glad you are feeling well :) I have become very fond of St. Dymphna over the years as well as a few other saints that I hound constantly!

  10. Mary you are a delight. As always. Thank you for sharing dear one. Blessings.

  11. Thanks for the tag Mary! I will have to ponder. :)

  12. Hmmm, I think I might be able to guess your patronage :) I could be wrong though!

  13. I have not forgotten to do this! I am pretty sure you are thinking the same thing I am thinking. Thanks for the link to my book! God bless!

  14. You're welcome :) I think it would help a lot of people. Personally, I think everyone should read it. Though not everyone has been abused sexually there are a lot of people these days who are wounded because of dysfunctional families and also from other forms of abuse. I think your book would speak to many hearts. The abuse scandal in the Church also comes to mind when I think of your book.

    God bless you too, Colleen :)