Monday, January 11, 2010

All work and no prayer makes Mary a cranky girl

We have been redecorating my daughters bedroom and what a chore it's been. Randy and I had to move all Michaela's stuff [and she has ALOT of stuff ] out of her room, tear out the carpet and pad, paint, redecorate, etc....My brother-in-law put in the floor which came out beautiful. We are just about done, but I don't think that I have ever felt so cranky in my life. I guess I just can't work, run a household, take care of a child and redecorate at the same time. I need prayer and quiet time everyday. Plus, I keep falling asleep during my rosary. I know, I guardian angel will finish it for me. Poor guy drew the short straw in heaven let me tell you, he hates it when I'm grumpy. Hopefully things will run smoother this week. If only I could sneak a few of Michaela's things into the trash, she doesn't even let me throw rocks away. I did go to Mass today, and I pray while I work.... but I still need daily quiet time with God.

Can you guess the theme she chose for her room?

If you guessed cats and fairies you would be right :) I somehow managed to work both in. The Pooh Bear days are over. "Mommy, Pooh Bear is for babies not big girls!" Right. I knew that... baby girl.


  1. NO MORE POOH BEAR?!?!?!? THAT's enough to make ME cranky right there!!! Aaahhhh, but our girls must grow up, eh Mary?
    Sorry you've been a bit overwrought...if your angel got the short straw, then mine must be the one they brought kicking and screaming from the back of the crowd!
    God bless you with some stress relief and QUIET TIME! (Quick! Go click the roses at the top of'll get some PRAYER TIME in that way!!!!)

  2. Oh Mary, don't be so hard on yourself, I'm sure the room is beautiful and everyone loves you just as you are especially God.....Hugs

  3. I am sure your daughter really appreciates all the work you have done.

    Cats and fairies are a great theme for a little girls room.

  4. Judy,
    You're so funny!
    Yes, little girls must grow up. But does it have to be so quickly?

  5. Bernie,
    Yes, the room does look beautiful and yes, God loves me...but I bet He prefers the ungrumpy Mary :)

  6. Therese,
    If you didn't live so far away I'd send you all the Pooh Bear stuff! I hope you are feeling well during this last month :)

  7. Mary, I am not one for re-decorating or re-arranging either. I like things to stay the same, set it up and leave it. I will join you in a prayer of gratitude that the dreaded chore is done and will add a prayer of petition that you get some needed rest! God bless you sweet angel!

  8. Anne,
    Yes! Thank you, Lord! After we redid her room we put the furniture back in the same spots :) Thanks, Anne!

  9. G'day. Thanks for dropping by - was lovely. My daughter loved Pooh when she was little - I made her a pooh treasure box. She still has it.I bet you are not really cranky ;)

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  11. Mary,
    Well, maybe just a wee bit grumpy ;)

  12. Kelly,
    Thanks for the comments. I will check out the site you recommend :)

  13. I get cranky when I don't get some quiet time for prayer. And I still love Pooh. In fact I have him in my living room! :)

  14. ALl prayer and no work makes Pip cranky :) Not getting many hours at work at the moment. I had to go wash the car and clean my room today to keep sane :)