Saturday, January 16, 2010

Spiritual storms and upheavals

All seems relatively calm on the American front. Despite the rough economy things don't look too bad. Well...don't believe everything you see; things are pretty bad indeed and people won't be complacent for very long. Mark my words. This is simply the calm before the storm. On a spiritual level, America, is having the equivalent of a tsunami. It is on the brink of a cliff. Teetering. Teetering. It doesn't take much to see this.  Other countries are in an equally precarious position.

There is always a tipping point and we have reached ours. I am receiving warnings on a daily basis that this has reached the emergency point. WE MUST CHANGE. NOW. The Lord has blessed our country immensely and saved us from so much because there are powerful prayer warriors in our country. Despite this I am receiving an alarming increase in warnings. I have learned over the years that the Lord is very merciful and generous. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that the Lord would allow anything terrible to happen here, I am an optimist when it comes to these things. Yet, I feel a strong nudging in the spirit to warn people. The Lord WANTS me to write these things. Why? My guess is: To prepare people for some major changes. He is always with His people. Leading them. Guiding them. And so...once again I am doing as the Lord asks. Please remember - justice and mercy walk hand in hand; there cannot be one without the other or pure havoc would encompass the world.

Pray. Love. Simplify.

Utterly Thine, O Lord


  1. What a wonderful post Mary...thank you!
    The SPIRIT is upon us for is so very ironic (NOT) that you should share these particular thoughts today when much of what you are saying here was spoken between friends and myself at a baby shower today. . . that there is something bigger happening and that He wants us to speak...speak now...and speak loud and clear...setting the path straight, whether or not people wish to join us in walking it. Thanks for honoring God's request of you Mary!
    P.S. I heard Unchained Melody in my car today!!

  2. Judy,
    Yes, my thoughts exactly!So many people have been telling me the same thing, almost everybody is hearing this in the spirit. Thank you, too, for following God's call.

    Unchained Melody ALWAYS reminds me of God. It lifts my spirits :)

  3. Mary I think you live in a wonderful country with such beautiful people. I say prayers of thanks as I watch all that your people do to help other countries in must be so very proud of how they are helping in Haiti, I am proud to be a Canadian and so proud that we am neighbors to the USA.....we are all hurting right now, economy is horrible, jobs are not there and others are trying their best to hurt or destroy....bad things do happen to good people but I know with faith, prayer and trusting God we will see his will be is so imperfect but God is good, life is good.......:-) Hugs

  4. Bernie,
    The US and Canada are wonderful countries and God is good. Purification has begun already and will continue, though. Of this I am certain. I will try to explain in a later post. It is a good thing, not a bad thing and I completely trust the Lord.

  5. I am with you in prayer. I am hoping these trying times lead Americans back to God. (A little jolt to our spiritual compass, if you will.)

  6. Mary...I woke up seeing "Mary333" in my head. I don't know why, exactly....but know that I prayed for you right then and there...and you've been on my mind all day!
    You are so right...this country has been blessed immeasurably and I fear for the direction it is currently heading. We are in trouble! The kind of trouble that only an act of God will fix.
    Thank you for this post!!

  7. Great post. We need to pray for sure. And I too love Unchained Melody!

  8. Thank you, Nancy, I appreciate that :)

    Well, one thing is clear:
    We all realize that America needs heavy duty prayer.

  9. Mary as I lit a candle at Mass this morning praying for all in Haiti, you came to mind and I said a prayer that the Holy Spirt would bring you calm.....Mary there is not doubt in my mind whatsoever that you trust God, and I love how you share your faith with all of us.
    Yes I too believe Purification has begun, so many prayers are needed at this time and we must always put God first and help our neighbour.....we will get through this Mary, all of us together....God keeps his promises.
    Have a wonderful Sunday......:-) Hugs

  10. Thank you, Linda! God bless you, too :) Has school started back up yet or are you still on break?

  11. Bernie,
    You are a sweetheart! Thank you. Thanks for the uplifting words and prayer.
    Bernie, I guess what's bothering me is that there is a hell and I don't want anybody to ever go there. I'm worried that people do not take the Lord seriously. He has been pouring out His grace like never before and many people don't even notice. Until I started my blog I really had no one to talk about God with except a handful of people. He should be the most popular subject of all. What's better than talking about the Lord? I am a total Jesus freak :)

  12. Hi Mary,

    I have always admired America for standing up for the oppressed, and its quick, typical and generous response to Haiti will I am sure be a balm to Our Lord. I always felt America has a special calling as a protector, and it will not go unnoticed by the Lord. Imagine how many more lives may have been lost if America had not made such a heroic and rapid response. I applaud you guys for being great defenders of the needy. God bless America :)

  13. Mary, there are many of us who feel this urgency as well but it is so hard to articulate to others - their eyes tend to glaze over when I try. But I do believe that our prayers and sacrifices will help and that whatever God Wills or Allows is for our good and the good of many. Blessings to you!

  14. Julia,
    Yeah, I've seen the eyes glazing over many times. Yes, God has our best interests at heart and people need to pray and sacrifice. I just want people to understand the urgency because spiritually the world is hurting and needs conversion. I trust God to bring good out of even the worst situations :) God bless you, too!

  15. I too have been sensing the same urgency , and have recently had discussions with a friend who thinks the the same thing. You wrote it right when you stated "all seems relatively calm on the American front." I sometimes wonder if I'm perceiving correctly in the way that for many, life seems business as usual.

    Thanks for this reminder and confirmation.

  16. Cheri,
    I think that the Holy Spirit is letting people know that, spiritually, the U.S. is in great trouble and needs much prayer and conversion. I sometimes hesitate to write about these warnings and yet I feel prodded to do so. I believe the U.S. is in trouble. My mother and I both get 911 warnings, which means emergency. My mother believes that there will be another physical attack on the U.S. and deep down inside I agree. I haven't posted yet about this but one of the dreams that I have most often is about soldiers putting people in trucks; good people, not criminals. Also, many dreams of running from soldiers. Even my husband has had this dream. Thanks for the confirmation that others are feeling the same sense of urgency.

  17. Glad you posted about this. In prayer I have been seeing a terrible blackness with dead people of all ages everywhere. I have started a nine month rosary novena for deliverance of our country - sorrowful mysteries.

    Interestingly, I have non-Catholic Christian friends who are experiencing the same sense of urgency we are. Everyone is calling others to Christ.

    Since I'm so limited physically, but I can write, I have felt called to join Helium where I can post to Christian titles a Catholic perspective. Nothing is more important than bringing souls to Jesus.

    Another note of encouragement: the Benedictines of Clear Creek in Oklahoma live the traditional Benedictine cloistered life and are praying. The new Carmelite foundation in Wyoming is praying. The traditional Carmelite nuns whose motherhouse in Lincoln, Nebraska have founded two more houses - one in the east and another in Idaho, I think. They keep the strict Teresian rule, have the Extraordinary Form of Mass and Divine Office. They have so many vocations they keep having to establish new foundations every few years.

    The Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest has brought two nuns from Graciliano, Italy to St. Louis to expand their community, and the Benedictine nuns of Mary, Queen of Apostles in Kansas City, MO are also growing.

    I'm sure there is more that I don't know about, and also Mother Angelica's community is growing. All these prayer warriors are with us. God is raising up a militia and all we have to do is our job - what He asks of us and America will be saved. It is going to take a lot of feet on the ground in politics to restore the Judeo-Christian ways and all of us who are called to write will contribute by the grace of God. This does not mean we will not be stricken, but the striking will be for purification. Keep raising your kids to think clearly and be faithful.