Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Pulling no punches

The warnings have been coming at a fast and furious pace. Not that the Lord is furious, but there is a gravity to the warnings that continues to grow. I am not frightened by this, but I am concerned. I am constantly being called to prayer, more so than ever before. Intercessory prayer for our nation and the world. I wish I could share my eyes with everyone. Please listen. The Lord wants us to "Open our eyes" and "Pray for the light of His Truth to shine on this world" so that people may clearly see the trouble we are in. Pray for conversion and "Stand in the gap" for our brothers and sisters who are far away from the Lord, spiritually. Even now the words "Warn them" are sitting upon my heart. I know that all will be well but I think we are going to have to walk through some extremely tough times with the emphasis on extremely.

Lord, please pour your Holy Spirit upon us. May the light of your Truth shine in every heart and may all souls accept the mercy and love which You long to flood the hearts of your children with. Amen

Utterly Thine, O Lord!


  1. You do have a gift Mary and I thank you for joining my prayers with yours that all will come to know God.....:-) Hugs

  2. Thank you, Bernie, the more prayer warriors the better :) Our prayers have power, the Lord gave us this gift. If we pray with great faith there is no end to the graces our Father will pour upon us. People need to understand just how critical the spiritual situation in our world is, though. If they could see it, I think many would turn to Our Lord because I truly believe in the basic goodness of people. Many people are caught up in the spirit of the world and do not know any better. We NEED God. Most of the people who follow my blog are already aware of the seriousness of the days that we live in but others may not know and so I will continue to write about it regularly as the Lord leads me.

  3. Mary...thank you so much for continuing to post regarding the urgeny you feel. I have burdens for many, many people these days. I remember the struggle I went through before I surrenderd my life....and it reminds me that we really are in a "battle" in regard to precious souls finding or receiving the love of God. I was just thinking on this very thing today.

    For the last couple of weeks...and it is getting stronger as each day passes...I have found myself suddenly interceding throughout the day ..and especially in the evening while doing the most mundane tasks. The call to intercession comes quickly..and the Holy Spirit seems to be praying with me and through me with much urgency. I have strong personal burdens well as concern for many others. The Lord has been quite specific with me regarding some direction in my personal life...and yet I need more clarity...and I feel that what I must do directly coincides with the time that we live in. Please remember me in your prayers if you happen to think on it.

    As I feel the burden too...I think this is why I haven't posted on my own blog for a couple of weeks...but pip has been a writing machine. :) So it works out...God takes care of it. I will post soon again...

    And I enjoyed reading your last post on nits...funny...I enjoy our sense of humor in the midst of the urgency.

    I'm grateful to you and God for your posts...a shining light in the world of blogging. :)

  4. Cheri,
    Yes, I understand this urgency. It's as if the Holy Spirit is saying, "Wake up, please! Pray! This is a 911 emergency call to Christians!" [More on the 911 in a later post, I need the Holy Spirit's help in wording that one.]

  5. Cheri,
    I am praying for you :) I pray for all the bloggers I follow and those who follow mine, daily. Know that you are not alone, this is happening to people worldwide and it is a blessing from a gracious God who has been slowly preparing our hearts for changes to come. He understands that we are a bunch of turtles:)
    I did notice pip has been a blogging machine lately :) God bless you both!

  6. Mary...what do you think of this? I wanted to pass this link along in light of your post.

    I don't like this too much...but with the way things are in general, I don't see how it can be avoided really.

  7. Cheri,
    I'll have to go to the link and check it out. Thank's for sending it! I know why China makes you nervous, Cheri. Me, too.

  8. Thanks for this post. I associate with non-Catholic Christians and the subject of the state of our nation and the world comes up often. We can be encouraged that these people are telling me the same thing: they are praying for the deliverance of our country as I am. The Holy Spirit is not idle, but I think He is testing our faith since by the media and Congress and the White House, we would think that all these pleading prayers aren't doing any good. They are, though, and now is the time to remain strong. As St. Paul tells us, the battle, and it is ferocious, is with principalities and powers. Thanks be to God for our Guardian Angels, the Blessed Mother and all the saints. Today at Mass the priest said that if all Catholics were to live a truly holy life the entire world would be converted. Boy does that make me ashamed of all my sins! O Lord, deliver us from the Evil One.

  9. Barb,
    I loved your comment, you are so right. Yes, we can be sure that the Holy Spirit is always at work. Thank you, Lord! I think your priest is very wise and makes a good point :)