Friday, January 22, 2010

Sabbath Moments- Praying with the Saints

Sabbath Moments is a weekly meme hosted by Colleen at Thoughts on Grace . It helps to remind me that I am always in God's presence and helps to prepare my heart for Sunday by taking time to rest in God and just be. These moments can be planned or sometimes God  may surprise us with moments of grace that can take one's breath away. I had today well planned. I knew that I wanted to pray with all my heart for the end of abortion, attend Mass between jobs, and offer my whole day to Him to help end this stain on the heart of America and to heal the wounds of those who have had abortions. I started with my morning offering and prayers before getting my daughter ready for school. After the bus picked her up I had 45 minutes before I had to be at work and decided to do The Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I love praying this chaplet and I asked the saints and angels in heaven to pray it with me. The odd thing is, whenever I ask them to join me,  I can often feel their presence. Seriously. In spirit I pray with them and they pray with me. We are all part of the body of Christ and it pleases them and God when we ask them to pray with us. Whenever I do this I feel encompassed by the love and mercy of God. Prayer is powerful when you pour your entire heart into it, it fills me with joy. Most of the time I feel God's Finger touching my soul, I lose this feeling when I lose my peace or when I feel rushed and pressured. I have been trying to draw my mind and heart back to God whenever I feel this happening but it's a work in progress :)

I attended Mass at noon and then spent a few extra minutes in Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament [they had Adoration and 2 Masses at my church today in reparation for the sin of abortion]. The rest of the afternoon I offered up my work for this cause. I long to see the day when hearts are softened enough to see the truth of what abortion really is and put an end to this blight on our country.

Father, You are the Author of Life. Shine the light of your love into all hearts that abortion may come to an end and  life may be seen as the beautiful gift that it is. I ask for the conversion of my brothers and sisters in this world who do not understand that a person is a person no matter how small. I praise you for your infinite mercy and I thank you for sending your beloved Son to save us. Amen


  1. Mary,
    I need to remember to ask the saints to pray with me more often. The Church Triumphant can certainly help us here still on earth to pray better. I love your prayer at the end and will join you in it.
    God Bless!

  2. What a wonderful witness...thank you for sharing but thank you MORE for your prayers!

  3. Karinann,
    I have always asked for the intercession of the saints but I while back I started asking certain saints to pray with me. This worked out so well that I do it quite often, now, and frequently ask everyone in the Church Triumphant. They really want to help us:) Thanks for joining me in prayer, I know what a strong advocate for life you are and God has given you the gift of leading others through your powerful witness and love for Him.
    P.S. [Padre Pio and St. Faustina are particularly fond of joining us in prayer. Ask Padre Pio to join hands with you. Talk about the Fire of the Holy Spirit! He is one powerful saint! I am His spiritual child and turn to Him often :) ]

  4. Lisa,
    Thank you for your comments :) I want to see an end to abortion so much. I am going to try to fast more than usual along with my prayers and trust that Our Lord touches hearts and leads us away from this sin which has harmed so many.

  5. Oh Mary this is a wonderful post, I too must remember to ask the Saints to pray with me each night as I say my rosary.....I always feel God's hands on me when my heart is full of love and peace and I smile and feel so safe in his hands knowing how much he loves me......:-) Hugs

  6. Thank you, Bernie. I love the Rosary! It is definitely one of my favorites along with the mercy chaplet. Hugs to you, too :)

  7. How beautiful, Mary!
    Asking the saints to pray with us ... just think how 'strong' our prayers will be! Our Lord will certainly fulfil our requests :)

  8. Hi, Gabriella! We missed you :) I think it makes our prayers stronger, they are completely caught up in God's love :)

  9. Very beautiful. Love your prayer. I love the communion of saints. What a gift God has blessed us with! Thanks for participating in this meme!