Monday, January 25, 2010

On a more serious note...

Though I have been cracking jokes about nitpicking and lice, I have to be honest: this doesn't really bother me. How could it? Haiti kind of puts everything into perspective. The truth is-I would pick nits for the rest of my life if it would save one soul from hell. And I would do it ...joyfully. Am I serious? Yes, very. Those who have read some of my posts may recall the glimpse of hell I received . This has changed my outlook on life's little irritations and big ones, too. There is nothing - no suffering, no illness, no interior suffering that can compare to the suffering in hell. I remembered to thank the Lord for the gift of nitpicking. Am I crazy? Yes...crazy in love with the Author of Life, the great I AM. Remember to offer up everything. It really does matter. Everything matters.

Utterly Thine, O Lord


  1. Oh Mary I am so glad that I have found you, your heart is so pure, full of love and care for all others......Thank You.....:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie,
    No, thank YOU! You truly are a treasure and I am honored to have met you. Your big heart draws people in, I have seen this on your blog. You honestly care for people and it shows :) May God continue to pour His love upon you!