Monday, January 18, 2010

God's little helpers :)

I wonder if God has a big refrigerator in heaven where he hangs all our baby scribbles :) I wonder if they make Him smile? My daughter's pictures are all over my refrigerator and perfect or not, I always love them and am proud of her. So often I ask, "Why, Lord? Why do you want me to write for you? There are great theologians out there who can explain things much better than I. My grammar is horrific. Why, Lord?"

I didn't expect an answer. But I got one anyway. The Lord says that more are drawn through simplicity and love than theological expertise. Love draws, love heals, love... converts hearts. So, if all you bloggers out there who are on fire for the Lord wonder why you feel such a strong pull to write for Him, it's because of this. It doesn't matter if our posts are perfect or not, God knows the love with which they are written and He knows the plans that He has in mind for us. All we have to do is listen and trust Him. We are not writing for nothing. The value of a soul is infinite. If  the Holy Spirit uses our writing to convert even one soul then every second was worth it. The Holy Spirit knows what He is doing :) We might be little helpers...but we are GOD'S little helpers and that makes all the difference.


  1. Very good post!

    I think more people can relate to simple writings and can relate to people who are writing of their experiences. So I think that even if out writing isn't perfect, it draws in others, because as we know, humans aren't perfect either!

  2. I came here planning to thank you for commenting on my blog and being a follower. BUT...I found this post and I want to thank you so much because I often wonder why I feel such a need to write. Maybe you are right! How did you find my blog, by the way?
    Thanks again...blessings

  3. Mary,
    You make excellent points here. I often wonder what my "musings" sound like to God. But I also believe Catholic blogging is an excellent form of evangilization. I like the thought of being one of God's little helpers in this way.
    Thanks and God bless!

  4. What a wonderful uplifting and encouraging post! Thank you for this Mary!

  5. Mary B,
    I think I found your site through Dawn or Sarah's site. I clicked on your name, saw your profile and went on your site. I enjoyed it a lot:)

    Thanks for the comments everyone:)

  6. Thanks Mary. I love writing for the Lord, sometimes it feels like there is so much inside, and the more I write, the more pours back in waiting to come out. It is a humbling gift and a great honour to write for Jesus, as is ANY gift we use for His glory, even the most small and hidden is great in His eyes!

  7. Mary, great post. I think writing is another way of praying, another way of serving God, another way of evangelizing, another way of sharing our love for God. I feel humbled by it, like Pip does. And grateful. Thanks for this post. God bless!

  8. Colleen and pip,
    I agree with both of you :)

  9. Before I write I ask God, my angel, the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother to help me to write what God wants people to hear. The thoughts and ideas in other bloggers writings are more important to me than the grammar and punctuation. Keep writing because you are right about even one soul being saved being worth it.