Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sabbath Moments

Today I am joining Colleen at Thoughts on Grace for her Sabbath Moments meme. Sabbath moments are moments we rest in God and just be rather than do. I seem to be always doing, doing, doing lately. Even the thought of resting in God makes me smile :)

We are having a cold spell here in New England right now but earlier in the week it was quite warm. I enjoyed the little break from the frigid temperatures. A few days ago someone hurt my feelings and I was feeling downcast. I stepped out onto my deck and sat in a chair and started telling the Lord about it and praying for the person who had inadvertently hurt me. I don't think she meant to; it was just an oversight I think. Anyway, I like to deal with these things right away if I can, so I spilled my heart out to the Lord and then started praying for the person that hurt me. As I was praying, the churchbells from a church near my house started ringing and they played a beautiful song. I didn't recognize the song, it wasn't a Catholic Church but soon I found myself smiling, hurt feelings forgotten. It was just so pretty to hear the bells as I was praying. I had never heard these bells before, I didn't even know that they had bells at that church. The beauty of it stuck in my head for the rest of the night and touched my heart. Such a little thing and yet so wonderful, even now it is bringing a smile to my face. Who has time for hurt feelings, anyway :)


  1. What a great story! God is sooo good. He brings you music to soothe your hurt feelings! Mr. Linky is up now! Thanks for joining in my meme every week.

  2. Thanks Colleen! I had to go to work so I put the post up and signed Mr. Linky when I got Home :)

  3. Mary you are such a beautiful, kind and sensitive lady.....I know God watches over you and I love how you take everything to him. Have a blessed weekend sweetie....:-) Hugs

  4. Hi Bernie,
    I guess you can add vain to kind and sensitive 'cause I just turned my hair orange by accident :)

  5. WOW! That is a WONDERFUL Sabbath Moment Mary!
    And you are so admirable for PRAYING for the person who hurt you!!!
    You're an inspiration:)

  6. Thanks Judy :) But not so admirable I'm afraid, I always place it in the Lord's hands so that bitterness never has a chance to sneak in. Plus, praying for the person makes it hard to be angry, everyone is human like me and I am sure I have hurt people before, too. God bless you Judy!