Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sabbath Moments

Colleen at Thoughts on Grace  hosts a weekly meme called Sabbath Moments. Sabbath Moments can be planned or may just come upon us. It is taking time to just be and rest in the Lord and reminds us of God's love and presence in our lives. Thinking about these moments on Saturday prepares my heart for Sunday, the Lord's day.

This week was filled with moments of grace. From meditating on the birth of our Savior to watching the joy on Michaela's face as she opened her presents. There was time spent with family, we all gather at my parents house on Christmas morning for brunch, and quiet time, also. Despite a stomach bug that ran through our house it was a wonderful grace-filled week. Randy, Michaela and I all watched a Disney Movie together on the couch one night. It was wonderful! Just the three of us, snuggling, and watching , "Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure". It wasn't the movie that got to me [though I did enjoy it], it was simply sitting there with the two of them, with our arms around Michaela. With my other hand I was holding hers. There is something so holy about holding a little hand, I can't explain it. It never fails to fill my heart with wonder and joy :)

I hope everyone had a great week and may God pour His graces upon all this year.


  1. Mary, what a beautiful Sabbath moment! You are surely blessed! Thanks for participating and for being patient with Mr. Linky! I do not know where he went!!! :) I sent you another link for adobe. Hope it works. Happy New Year!

  2. Mary 333, your week sounds wonderful and yes I love to sit on the couch and snuggle with my great nieces and watch Disney is always such a quiet and loving time....hope the stomach bug has cleared up and you are all feeling better.......:-) Hugs

  3. Colleen,
    Maybe Mr. Linky knew what who was coming and got worried ;) I'll go check out the new link, thank you for being so helpful all the time!

  4. Bernie,
    Isn't it nice? I love times like that! We are feeling better with the exception of my daughter who caught a bad cold after the stomach bug. She is 6 years old and they seem to catch everything when they are young. Luckily, it was school vacation this week. I hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

  5. Me again. Karinann gave us both the Sister in Faith award so instead of giving it to you again, I listed you in my blog as one of my sisters in faith. God bless!

  6. Thanks Colleen:) I have to get mine up this week. You know I'd send it to you, too, but I knew Karinann had. But I definitely consider you and Karinann Sisters in Faith!