Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mark Mallett

This post by Mark Mallett is a good one. I often receive words similar to his and when I read his writings, many times the Holy Spirit gives me a confirmation of his words: For those who have not yet read his site - I highly recommend it and believe that his writings are of God. Personally, I think we are in a preparatory stage for a coming period of correction. I use the word correction because I believe, as children of God, that He disciplines us as any father would try to correct a child who has gone astray. We are already being purified,  the Lord is strengthening our faith and pouring His Spirit on those whose hearts are open to receiving His gifts. God is good :)

Thank you, Lord, for your patience and kindness !


  1. I will check it out. Have a blessed week!

  2. Hi Mary

    I too at this time feel the call to a deeper fine tuning and purifying of ways, especially in dealing with attachments, 'crutches' and matters of self-discipline that I have been letting slide. I need to turn over new leaves, and quickly.

    I must add however that this is a call that in reality is 2000 years old, that followers of Jesus through the centuries have been preparing themselves, and it was no less urgent and present for them as it is for each follower today. There have been heresies, wars, and anti-Christian philosophies since day 1...and there have been 'correction events' and apocalyptic prophecies too. Perhaps we are near the actual end in our times, perhaps not. I feel it is important to say 'perhaps not', because I believe many have actually failed to follow a full life plan for being convinced that the end was near, and regretted it as they found themselves 80years old and unfulfilled. For example: "What's the point of getting married and having children, or getting a theology degree, becoming a nurse, etc. The world is ending soon."

    Hmm... it seems I have some sort of bone to pick with 'the end is near' theology! Sorry about that! The end IS near. It is as near as our death, and that can be at any moment. That, for me, is why conversion and purifying has always been urgent and present.

    I agree however that there seems to be a major disciplinary event in the air! One can almost taste it. It does feel like the Lord is preparing obedient souls and strengthening his followers in faith and trust. Let's pray that many more will become obedient through it. Mark's site certainly is good for self-examination and a call to make changes now! Thanks for sharing it, and sorry if I rambled a bit :)

  3. Lord, help me to surrender to Your Will, hour by hour if necessary. Amen.

  4. Pip,
    I agree with most of your comment. I don't believe, "The end", is near, though like you, I do believe that it is as near as our deaths. I may be mistaken, but I don't believe that Mark Mallett suscribes to the end is near philosophy either. However, there has been an increase in corrections and purification though, millions are feeling this. Plus, we have seen some of the purifications within the Church and in people, also. Purification is good. I have no fear of future events, when the Lord does give me warnings or words of knowledge they always come with complete peace and love. How could one fear a God of pure Love? We may live in crucial times but I have great hope. Everything that the Lord allows is for our good, for He is goodness Himself. I simply think that He is cleaning the world up and this may come with great trials but the world will be a better place when He is finished. Only the Lord has the big picture, but he occasionally gives us glimpses and interior knowledge of the critical spiritual crisis going on in our days:) Thanks for your comments.

  5. Shadowlands,
    I pray that prayer with you:)