Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sabbath Moments

Thoughts on Grace: Sabbath Moments Meme: "Sabbath Moments Meme" hosted by Colleen is a weekly meme that reminds us to live in the present and just be, to live in God's grace and love. These moments can be planned or may just come upon us by surprise. Saturday is a great day for this meme, it prepares our hearts for Sunday and calls our attention to the beauty of life.

My Sabbath Moment came upon me unexpectedly. Wednesday was a grace-filled day for me. I felt the Lord's presence in a powerful way from the moment I woke up until I went to bed. I started my day as always with my morning offering. I have a statue of The Sacred Heart and in front of it I put a little sign:
"It is not the intensity of the trial itself that expiates sin; rather it is the intensity of the love for God with which the trial is accepted . Love is what matters most." This is part of a quotation that I read on one of the blogs I follow, Elena Maria Vidal's site [Thank you, Elena] I put up the sign to remind me to do all things for love alone and that early morning reminder has helped me immensely. I washed dishes with the Lord, cleaned with Him, joined my fellow parishioners in the Rosary, went to Confession and then to Mass. The entire day I felt the Lord's finger on my soul. The Holy Spirit drew me into intense prayer at various times throughout the day and I tried to perform all my actions with love. I ended my day with the Bible and my evening prayers. It was a glorious day :)  I would like to say that every day is like this but, unfortunately, this is not true. Reading that little sign in the morning has been a great blessing though; I find it coming to my mind often throughout the week.

Thank you, Lord, for each and every day. May we all grow ever closer to you and learn to live for love alone. Amen!


  1. Living to glorify God means doing everything
    for Him, His way, to point to His greatness
    and to reflect His goodness.
    I wish it was easy!
    I wish I could spend such a day as your glorious Wednesday!
    But you've given me a good suggestion: putting a little note in front of my picture of the Sacred Heart :)
    Thank you, Mary.

  2. Beautiful post, Mary. I love that quote! Very moving. Thank you for participating again this week! God bless.

  3. Thanks, Colleen. May the Lord bless you, too:)