Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A bit of a scare

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to lie on the couch for a bit and accidentally dozed off. When I woke up, Michaela was nowhere to be found. I was terrified, especially when I noticed the door to the condo slightly ajar. I ran through the house screaming her name and then into the halls. I was about to call the police when one of my neighbors came running down the stairs and said, "Mary! It's okay, she's upstairs with Amber."  Come to find out, Michaela had gone upstairs and told my friend Shannon that her mommy said it was okay for her to go over their house. Shannon thought it sounded fishy and asked her again if I knew. Michaela lied and said yes. Shannon didn't believe her and came downstairs to check and heard me screaming Michaela's name. I went upstairs to get Michaela - she knew what she had done was very wrong and ran past me, headed downstairs, and went in her bedroom.

This shook me up terribly, I wasn't even sure how to handle it. I blamed myself for dozing off, you can't doze off with a high energy child. She's a good girl but impulsive, still, I was surprised that she had done this. She knows better.

Today, I started on a round of Prednisolone. I would rather not take this but after what happened yesterday I feel that I have no choice. I probably wouldn't have dozed off if I had been feeling better.


  1. Oh Mary you did have a fright for sure. I am sure Michaela didn't do it to intentionally hurt you, your were resting and she was probably bored so wanted to visit her friend. Yes she should of asked you first, but she is a small girl Mary, we all did impulsive things when we were little, some grown adults do them today......I know you don't like the steroid but if it helps you......well you know what is best. Take care my young friend, always in my prayers..........:-) Hugs

  2. Bernie,
    Don't worry, Bernie, she didn't get in too much trouble :) She got stern warnings from her father and I and we took away one of her favorite things - sweets.
    I don't like the steroid because it has many side effects and they are not good for the body, but I'll just offer it up. I'm just doing a one week round of 4 milligrams for now to see if it will knock me out of the flareup. It will help but it is not a medication that I would use often. Michaela is on school vacation this week so I thought it would be a good idea. A few weeks back she saw me fall when I tried to get up from bed and this upset her so much that she cried. She tries to give me little massages to help with the pain:) Thank you for your friendship, you are in my prayers, too!

  3. Thank God for neighbors you can trust! Is it possible to put a hook and eye at the top of the door where she can't reach it? We've had the same thing happen to us when our kids were little. It is terribly scary! Prayers as you adjust to your new medicine.

  4. Oh, my...that would be so scary. Glad it all worked out OK. Continued prayers coming your way...thanks for thinking of me too.

  5. Very scary! I'm so relieved that she's ok! I sure wish you were feeling better though. You are on my mind and in my prayers! I hope this flareup is over soon, Mary.
    God Bless you!

  6. Anne,
    We have a bolt lock near the top of the door but I haven't used it since she was young, I just use the regular lock. I panicked but for good reason - in the building next door from us a man was charged with raping a teenager recently and a few years ago there was a random murder down near our poolhouse. And we live in a pretty safe city! It's small and beautiful but the crime rate has risen over the past few years. It doesn't help that I'm overprotective either. God bless you, Anne! It's hard to be a mom sometimes, isn't it? I read your post, too :)

  7. Thanks, Mary! I enjoyed your post on peace :)

  8. Nancy,
    It will probably help temporarily at least. Thanks for your prayers :) I hope Olivia is feeling well!

  9. Mary,

    I'm so glad this worked out OK. Kids don't realize what can happen to them.

    It's good to know you only have to be on the steroid for a week. I used to take those dose packs when I had terrible hives. My face and mouth would swell up so big it looked like somebody had worked me over. Haven't had them in awhile, thank God. I think it's because I have a better diet and stay away from preservatives as much as I can. Fibro-flares are awful.

  10. Barb,
    If it's fibro - two of the three doctors that I see are leaning away from this tentative diagnosis and more toward polymyalgia which is which my dad, aunt[possibly], and cousin have. My cousin's diagnosis was recently changed from fibromyalgia to polymyalgia. My other cousin has Rheumatoid Arthritis. Whatever it is that I have - my aunt told me that when she was younger she had all the same symptoms as me and that her mother was like this, too. It seems to be a genetic thing. My dad got blasted the worst out of all us. He could barely get out of bed by the time he reached his late thirties. So, I am thankful that it isn't worse. The flares are bad... whatever it is, but not enough to put me completely out of action.

  11. Mary - what a scare you must have had!
    One episode I remember was when my three little boys were in primary school and one day, having got off the school bus (they had to walk past three houses to get home), the second one starts running after kittens and my older son (he was 8 at the time) comes home with the little one, crying because his brother wouldn't listen to him. What a scare. We found him after half an hour, calmly sitting in a neighbour's barn playing with kittens.

  12. Gabriella,
    I guess most moms get a fright or two when their kids are young! The kids don't understand how worried moms get :)

  13. Mary, that must have been so scary! I am glad everything is ok. The high bolt lock sounds like a good idea to me.
    I am on 5 mg Prednisone. I cannot seem to get below that dosage but I want to get off it! So I know how you feel. God bless!

  14. Colleen,
    It was!
    I don't want to take it either. My dad's been on it for a long time. It has a lot of side effects.