Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lenten Sacrifice :)

This Lenten night
My house is a mess
Toys everywhere
A pit, I confess

I stepped on Hello Kitty
Tinkerbell caught my toe
There's gum on my shoe
And on the carpet below

Dust bunnies are dancing
And taking their bows
For their litters had litters
Throughout this fine house

My kid's in a huff
My husband is bent
'cause this tired momma
Gave up cleaning for Lent!

I'm quite content :)

Here is a true story, my daughter is my witness. The other day she said, "Mommy, the whole house smells like throw up!!!"  My husband and I noticed it, too. We searched the entire house thinking that one of the dogs had barfed in a corner somewhere, but we had no luck. My daughter said it was making her gag [me, too, for that matter] so we continued the search....still no luck. I gave up and sat in front of the computer. A few minutes later my husband grabbed something off the dining room floor and walked over to me. He waved a pair of his work socks in front of my nose, "Could this be it?"  I almost fell out of my chair the stench was so bad. "Yup, that's it!" Randy walked out of the room yelling, "Peanut! Don't worry! It was just Daddy's socks."
aaah....the joys and blessings of marriage .


  1. Mary!!! This made me crack up! I'm glad you found the cause of your stench! I'd get him some odor eaters as soon as possible!

  2. Ah they couldn't of been that bad...could they?

    When my eyes went to the clock on my night stand tonight and read 11:11 I thought of you and said a special prayer for you and thanked God for bringing you into my is a pleasure to blog with you Miss Mary, a real pleasure.......:-) Hugs

  3. Nancy,
    Good! He needs them! You know my address :)

  4. Bernie,
    Oh yes, Bernie, they could be that bad! My husband works for UPS and delivers packages all day. His work boots stink but his socks smell worse and they stand up by themselves :) Thanks for the prayers, Bernie, I am glad to have met you, too!

  5. Anne,
    I should have taken a picture so people wouldn't think I was exaggerating. I'm just waiting for my brother or sister to post a comment because they know how messy my house is. Why is it that people never visit me when my house is spotless?

    Don't you dare say because it never is! ;)

  6. Mary,you gave me a really big guffaw with the stinky socks story. Life can be much funnier than sitcoms. And leave it to a little kid to tell it like it is! Thanks for the story.

  7. Barb,
    Michaela has a blog called The Rose and she called it "The throw up mystery!" :) I don't think she published it yet. She still can't believe that her father's feet could smell that bad because he showers daily.

  8. Dust bunnies having litters! Good one Mary! ...and something I can identify with. If only we really could give up cleaning for Lent.