Monday, February 1, 2010

Purple Shampoo

Hey! Did you know that there is a purple shampoo that gets rid of pumpkin head? I found it at CVS and I hope it works. It's actually violet colored and it is supposed to neutralize brassiness [though mine goes BEYOND brassy]. As long as it doesn't turn my hair purple, I'm good. Purple and blue hair is pretty common these days but I can't pass for a teenager anymore, crowsfeet are a dead giveaway. I have a couple grays, too. These did not turn orange, unfortunately. My hair is fine and the grays are wiry and stiff. My sister is older than me and doesn't have any yet. She still gets carded in her forties! Often!  Luckily, I only have a couple gray hairs. Not that there is anything wrong with gray hair mind you, it is just that they are stiff  little buggers and break, then they stand up straight on your head like little flags waving for attention.

No wonder I have to confess vanity every month.


  1. I hope you get the desired results from the purple concoction!

  2. Always use ash based blonde colourants (if you are home colouring) and then add a few bleached highlights at the front, to give a little extra brightness.

    The purple shampoo, I would suggest you make into a lather before applying too, as it will have a less profound effect haha!

    From one who knows the effect.......

  3. Yes Mary I have heard of this blue shampoo, though I don't color my hair I do have it streaked once in a while. My hair is so fine but so far no grey.......good luck, let us know how you make out okay....:-) Hugs

  4. Don't worry about gray hair Mary. Men have a worse problem as they grow older. I've noticed that they grow masses of hair out of their ears and nostrils. I know an old chap who has so much hair out of his ears and nostrils that you can tie pretty ribbons to them like little bows, once you've platted the hair!

    Why do men grow hair out of their ears and nose? Are they being prepared by nature to go to a place where hair is at a premium? I suppose if they can grow it vertically upwards they can use it to cover a bald head!

    Sorry for rambling on ... hair today gone tomorrow; that's what I say. That's bald!

  5. You'll have to let us know how the purple shampoo works -- or what happens when you mix orange and purple together.....could be b r o w n.....maybe? LOL I think we need a picture!:-)

  6. Julia,
    Brown is good, at least now I think so:) Maybe I can get my husband to snap a photo. An AFTER photo. I'm vain remember [lol].

  7. Victor,
    That was the funniest comment I ever read! Wait till I show my husband, he'll die. He's in his early forties. I can't wait to tell him what he has to look forward to. He's very handsome, maybe it's God's way of ridding men of vanity, too! I won't be the one tying ribbons in them though! Gross!

  8. Bernie,
    I think that I probably have to use it for a while before it makes a difference. I'll let you know :)
    Or post a picture!

  9. Shadowlands,
    From now on I am going to consult with you when I have hair troubles of any kind! Your head is filled with all kinds of unusual knowledge :)

  10. Thanks, Laura! Or you could knit me a hat if worse comes to worse ;)

  11. My mother once died her hair at my house and it turned orange, We called the people who made the dye and they told us what kind and color of dye to get to counteract it. My mother is going to love that I am telling this story! :)
    Julia is right. We need a picture.
    Hats are nice. :)

  12. Colleen,
    I guess I am not the only one this has happened to :) I have come to the conclusion that brown is beautiful!

  13. Perhaps you'll luck out and a side effect from the purple stuff will rid you of wiry grays!!!
    Once, when I commented to my son, who was about 16 at the time...that a certain woman looked really young for her age...he said, "Well, at first glance maybe Mom...but it's all in the neck and hands!!!!!!!!"
    I wore turtle necks and put my hands in my pockets for months after that, LOL!!!!!
    P.S. You've been tagged on A Thankful Woman's Book of Blessings Blog!

  14. Judy,
    I wish! I have noticed the neck thing creeping in slowly but surely ;)

  15. I have use a purple shampoo for 5 years. It works great. You don't have to use it each time you wash your hair. It will take the brasses out and any gray or white will be brighter. I have people all the time wanting to know where I get my highlights done. I tell them Mother Nature.

  16. Terry,
    The purple shampoo DOES work! I was surprised at the difference it made and it didn't even take very long. I just got back from the beach which also makes my hair brassy and the purple shampoo helps.