Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sabbath Moments - At the Lord's Feet

Sabbath Moments is a weekly meme hosted by Colleen at Thoughts On Grace. It is taking the time to rest in the Lord; to just be instead of do. In our rush, rush world resting in God is a priority. I try to spend quiet time with the Lord daily. Silence nourishes the soul. The constant cacophony of the world can leave us drained if we don't pull ourselves away from it regularly.

I love praying the Rosary. On Wednesday I went to Church early to pray the Rosary with my fellow parishioners before Mass. The group meets on Wednesdays and Fridays. Praying the Rosary before Mass seems to open and prep my heart to receive God's Word. I notice that when I pray it before Mass I am always flooded with peace and love and this Wednesday was no different. I especially enjoyed the Gospel reading Wednesday about Mary and Martha because the Lord has given me this as a personal word many times. Whenever I hear or read the words: "Mary has chosen the better part and it will not be taken from her" I am either flooded with the Holy Spirit or moved to tears. For in this world that is endlessly rushing - I sit at the Lord's feet ....and it shall not be taken from me. This is His promise and in faith I believe and trust His words to me. They have not failed me yet and never will... for our God is faithful and true.


  1. Mary, Enjoyed this post and it was confirmation for me. I too feel like I am called to sit at His feet more and more. To do less and pray more. Thanks for participating! God bless.

  2. Mary I fill my bedroom with prayer each night as I say the Rosary (sometimes 2 or 3 times) I always awake feeling refreshed and peaceful.
    Enjoy your weekend....:-) Hugs

  3. Hi Mary,

    I am with you, I feel as though I could sit at our Lord's feet and pray/contemplate/meditate all (or at least most) of my waking hours.

    Obviously with work and other daily tasks and responsibilities that really is not realistic. So, I struggle with trying to maintain balance and part of that is getting rid of things ("stuff") that I don't need...that just take up time I could put to better use.

    Lent (and Advent) are my favorite times of the year. They seem to tend to naturally give way to a more contemplative and spiritual atmosphere. I always try to take advantage of all the special happenings i.e stations of the cross, Lenten speaker series, 40 hours devotion, etc. in my parish and the archdiocese during Lent, to get the full benefit of the liturgical season.

    Holy Week is one week out of the year where everything I do is dictated by the Church calendar...i.e. the Chrism Mass, Holy Thursday etc.

    Wishing you a most holy and grace-filled Lent.

    God bless.

  4. Patty,
    I love Lent and Advent, too. I went to confession today in preparation for Lent and I have been preparing interiorly in various ways. My parish does the stations, the Rosary, and has special family events during Lent that we will be participating in. Like you, I wish I could spend all my time at the Lord's feet but with a family and job this is not always possible. Thankfully, Jesus sanctified even our daily duties so even these things draw us closer to Him. Thank you for the beautiful wishes and I ask the Lord to bless you this Lent, also :)