Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hair photos - before and after

The top two photo's are pictures of my hair after my coloring adventure and after using the purple shampoo. Still pretty bright, you should see it outside in daylight! The bottom two pictures are my driver's licence pictures taken a few months ago. Big difference!

Hair Anthem

O say, can you see
 My hair's brand new highlights
That so proudly I share
 It's so bright and so gleaming
 Please ignore the red flare!
 And the orange in there!
 Gave proof to my plight
 The gray flags are still there.
O say do those stiff  gray wires yonder yet wave
In the hair that's now lice-free
On the head I may shave!

To be sung to the melody of our national anthem [yes I skipped a part]. Used without the permission of Francis Scott Key.


  1. Is the orange a permanent dye? If it's any consolation, it will fade over time.

  2. Yes, Laura, unfortunately it was a permanent dye. It was supposed to be honey blonde :) Yeah, right. The purple shampoo HAS helped some, it was worse the other day. Hopefully it will fade. I am not going to go have it fixed just so I'll remember to not do this again :)

  3. HaHa, also that photo used without permission
    of the Dept. of Motor Vehicles ;)

    I wish my drivers license looked that good!!

  4. Kath,
    Funny! You have to admit my hair is hideous now :) As for the license, I just got lucky that time, usually they are awful!

  5. Mary your hair doesn't look that bad at all, the purple shampoo must of helped...loved your driver's licence photo.....:-) Hugs

  6. are beautiful! And on my computer...your hair is a lovely and shiny reddish color with highlights! I don't believe you have any gray are way tooo young!:-)

  7. Thanks, Bernie :) But honestly, though the purple shampoo helped a little, in the daylight it glows like a beacon and there are patches that didn't take the color. It is pretty funny though!

  8. Love the pictures and the Hair Anthem! :)

  9. Great rendition of the "Orange-Spangled Banner" or is it "Wire-Spangled Carrot"?

    Had me in hysterics :)

  10. Pip,
    Funny! Take your pick! Either would be correct :)