Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday Snippets-- Cold hands, warm hearts...the homeless

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival is hosted by RAnn at This That and the Other Thing. This meme allows bloggers share there favorite posts with others. I have found some wonderful blogs this way. This week, my posts are about reaching out to others. They are both about homeless men that my husband and I met. The first is about Jacob, someone I'll never forget. Jacob was funny, sweet, and kind and I felt honored to have met him. The second is about Gregory and this story is very strange. My husband and I have not seen either of these men since I posted about them though we keep looking.

The plight of the homeless is increasing during these tough economic times. My mother is friends with a number of homeless people. One waves to my mother and points to his mouth whenever he is hungry :) Another is a lady who rides her bike around with the words "HELP" written on signs hanging from the front and the back of her bicycle. My mom says she is a wonderful lady and stops to help her out, regularly. Another homeless person that we know is named Larry. Larry attends Church daily but doesn't like to accept charity. He has found shelter this winter, thankfully. Larry loves the Lord immensely and has a great devotion to Our Lady. I have yet to meet a homeless person who has frightened me in any way. Most of the time I walk away feeling blessed to have met them. Many homeless people eat at soup kitchens and get food from food pantries, so please remember your local food banks. You can also donate blankets, coats, clothes and other necessities directly to the shelters. This weekend there is a food drive at our church that we will be participating in. I usually let Michaela help choose the foods, especially food for kids :)


  1. There but for the grace of God go I....I always see God at his best in the eyes of these unfortunate but beautiful people...Hugs

  2. My Mom told me once, "I think you're (me) a homeless person...just well housed." I worked at a center for homeless people for many years. Ash Wednesday is this week. That was my favorite time with the people in our soup dining room. I distributed ashes to all who asked. Tears erupted on the faces of most when the cross was marked on their foreheads.
    Peace, Boyd

  3. Bernie,
    I do too! Jacob looked me right in the eyes and his voice was very gentle and kind. My mother was touched by him, too. As I later told my mom, "It's as if Jesus lent me His eyes for a few minutes and I could see beyond the rough exterior of this man and see the beauty that was Jacob."

  4. Boyd,
    Thank you for your comment and for helping our brothers and sisters in Christ. I was touched when I read about the ashes. God bless you:)

  5. Really thought-provoking stories. It breaks my heart every time I see a homeless person or read of homeless families. Some people are so close to the edge that even the smallest thing can make them homeless. I hope this Lent our sacrifices will help all the homeless to a better life.