Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Balanced - Who me?

I often read articles about how important it is to be balanced. I don't get it. Never have and probably never will. I guess balance may be defined as this: the ability to juggle as many things as possible without getting tangled up in them and tripping over your own feet. At least that's what it seems like to me. Kind of like being a superwoman - perfect wife, perfect mom, perfect friend, perfect daughter. Of course the books fail to tell you how to work a job, an illness, imperfect family [God bless their wonderful imperfect hearts!] and whatnot into the equation. I have a confession to make...I'm not balanced at all. Nope. Never have been and probably never will. The plain and simple truth is: I'm a Jesus freak. I think about Him day and night. Fellow Jesus freaks can relate. I'm talking about true Jesus freaks not fake ones that bomb buildings. The Cross isn't balanced, it's quite top-heavy. Jesus wasn't balanced. He was consumed with zeal for his Father's house. He fasted for forty days. St. Paul wasn't balanced. He had zealot written all over Him. St. Peter stumbled and fell a lot - no balance here. So, a word of comfort to all you unbalanced folks who have tumbled head over heels for the Lord:
You are in good company :)


  1. Nice post! I agree. I don't see the attraction to being balanced!

  2. I've always been unbalanced. Seriously. So glad you posted this, from one Jesus freak to another. Actually, I love spreading the good news of Christ and it's always at the forefront of my mind.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth! I've kind of given up on the idea of being a balanced person, too :)

  4. Barb,
    Yeah, I recognize a fellow Jesus freak when I meet one ;) I could write a list of fellow Jesus freak bloggers and I'd be right on target.

  5. Well, I never thought of it this way before, what a great perspective! I'm one of those who has always been looking to be balanced. This makes so much sense, and yes, you have brought me much comfort with your words! Time to just accept being my unbalanced self!

  6. Hi Mary 333

    Just a quick visit ot wish you a HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY! (17th March)

    God bless you.

  7. Anne,
    Yes, when I was thinking Jesus freak you crossed my mind ;)

  8. Thanks breadgirl! I forgot it was St. Patrick's Day. That's the name of the Church I attend. St Patrick is our Patron. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you, to!

  9. I meant, too. I just woke up :)

  10. I knew a well balanced person once - he had a chip on each shoulder.

    I eat a well balanced meal whenever I can: chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.

    I saw a woman in the street the other day walking on the edge of the sidewalk (pavement). She had one foot on the sidewalk and another in the street as she walked. I stopped her and asked her why. Apparently she had broken her high heel and it was the only way she remained balanced.

    (Oh ... I am good this morning !!!)

    Happy St Patrick's Day to you and yours.

    God bless.

  11. I think sometimes people use the term 'balance' to cover up apathy. I have been accused to being too "churchy" or too "nice" or too whatever.

    The only balance I care a fig about is just trying to stay calm in trust in the Lord amid the storms of life and all my own fumbles and bumbles.
    Hugs and prayers!

  12. Victor,
    Have mercy on me!! I have a weak bladder!

    That was very good :) I'm still laughing about the chip on each shoulder!

  13. Lynn, may I call you Is, too. Randy shouldn't get to name my fiends;)
    That's a good point you make, my Jesus freak friend.

    Victor's a Jesus freak, too. Don't let him fool you. The minute you read his site, you can tell!

  14. Oops, sorry Is! I meant friend not fiend!

  15. lol! You never know, I might be a fiend ;) and yes, you can call me Is - why not? Cracks me up.