Thursday, March 18, 2010


Save the seals. Save the dolphins. Save the red-eyed tree frogs. Wake up, America! Save the babies FIRST. Who would have thought the day would come when animals came before people? Who would have thought the day would come when millions of babies are killed every year? Let me speak clearly, that all may hear:

We are being WARNED, America! We must turn back to God. I have no doubt that if we continue, in our pride, to ignore God's commandments, America will fall. I don't know when. I don't know how, but if we continue down the path we are taking - America will fall.

It's not just about Abortion. There is a widespread rot running through America's streets. The Ten Commandments have no value here. They are despised and looked down upon. America, the land of the free, has enchained herself to a new master and his name is Legion. 

Utterly Thine, O Lord

Dear Lord,
Open the eyes of your people and grant us all the grace of repentance. May we repent as a nation and as individuals. Have mercy on us, O Lord. I know we need purification but please be merciful, we are a broken people.


  1. Mary,
    I will join my voice with yours. America does need to wake up! We are on a slippery slope and it is not headed anywhere good. God has been merciful with us thus far in that we are still here as a nation, but I am sure His patience will wear thin if He does not see us as a nation at least begin to return to Him.
    The rest of us have to be like Moses and the prophets who prayed and interceded on their people's behalf. Today's Mass reading talks about Moses standing in the breach between God's wrath and the Israelites~ we need to stand in the breach.
    Thank you for your courageous voice.

  2. Thank you, Karin. You have it exactly right. There comes a point when people presume upon the Lord's mercy and we are close to reaching it.
    I didn't go to Mass today because I was sick so thanks for letting me know what the 1st reading was :)

  3. I'm with you. We're on the same wavelength again. I am working on a post for tomorrow on this very subject! A little different angle, but the same concerns! God must be moving many hearts to intercede right now. I've been up many nights this week with the urge to pray.
    Hugs and hope you feel better tomorrow!
    Lynn (Is)

  4. Hi Lynn! Randy just yelled out, "Is left you a comment", and then he laughed. He must read all the comments. His Blackberry dings when someone leaves a comment on my blog because it is attached to my e-mail.
    I'm glad we're on the same wavelength - the Holy Spirit's. I have been up every night this week. I did the Mercy Chaplet last night. Some nights I just plead for His mercy then praise Him. The Lord seems to like waking people up in the middle of the night :)

  5. Now I am feeling guilty because I slept so well last night. Each night I say the Rosary (through my computer thanks to Victor) I find filling my bedroom with prayer makes for a calm and peaceful room for sleeping.
    I too think Satan has been working very hard and we are all under attack, we each must pray, confess, worship and gather in God's name and much more. We must all do what we can and what God expects of us but we also have to realize that God has given each of us free will and how others choose to use this gift may be different than what we might choose. This is time for Christians to bond in their faith, support each other and pray to all the Saints for well tonight my dear sweet Mary.......:-) Hugs

  6. Bernie,
    I pray the Rosary right before bed most of the time, too:) It makes me sleepy. Doesn't keep me asleep though but that's okay - I guess insomnia is one of my crosses;)
    I agree with everything you said here, God has given us many weapons to use against Satan's attacks and Christians need to support one another. We are all one in Christ :) Hugs to you, too, Bernie. I'm glad you slept well!

  7. Once I was lucky enough to have a holy contemplative monk for a spiritual director. He told me that it only takes a handful of prayerful people who dedicate themselves to God's will and God can turn things around. Things are so bad now we need a couple of handfuls. The only thing that gives me peace - because I am one of the ones the government will want dead because of disability - is that God will bring good out of the evil all around us if we stay faithful.

  8. Barb,
    Yes, I agree. God can turn things around if people pray for conversions. This is why he warns us. To give people time to return to Him. A handful of powerful prayer warriors dedicated to the Divine Will could bring about millions of conversions :)

  9. Oh Mary, I wish it were not true!