Friday, August 21, 2009

Wake up!

" For Zion's sake I will not be silent, for Jerusalem's sake I will not be quiet..."

Isaiah 62:1

"When I raised up watchmen for them:

'Hearken to the sound of the trumpet!'

They said, 'We will not hearken.' "

Wake up, America! Take a look around you! Can you not see the signs of the times? How long? How long before you open your eyes and see?

A Last Warning

Give ear, listen humbly
for the Lord speaks
Give glory to the Lord, your God
before it grows dark;
Before the light you look for turns to darkness,
changes into black clouds
If you do not listen to this in your pride,
I will weep in secret many tears;
My eyes will run with tears
for the Lord's flock, led away to exile."
Jer. 13:15-17

I surrender, Lord. I want to write one thing, you want me to write something different. You win.


  1. "I will weep in secret many tears" I love this passage!

  2. I do too! He loves us so much! He just wants people to see the truth.

  3. Wake up call? Can I have my coffee first. lol.
    I keep getting these too! The world is in very sad shape :(

  4. I think we should visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and weep with Him and pray....

  5. Linda, you're as silly as I am!. Come on, you can admit it:) But you are right, many people are getting these words, including friends and members of my family. Other bloggers, also.

  6. shastadaisy,
    That would definitely be the thing to do. I cry with Him a lot these days. Our world is in rough shape.

  7. I think this is why I am suffering so much lately. I feel this urgency within that I can't explain. But I also thirst for their souls too. I think this is why I want to go back to college, if perhaps I had a degree people might listen or I may be able to help them to find God in this world that seems so lost. Sigh. Perhaps there really is no time for this and only time for praying with Jesus.