Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Okay, I'll admit it. If God had not converted me through His Divine Mercy.....I think popcorn would have done it. Corn, I can understand. It is fodder for cattle and other animals. But, popcorn? The only reason that I can see of why He would allow corn to pop is for the utter delight of his children. I imagine the awe on the faces of the people who first realized (by accidentally leaving a dried out ear of corn too close to a fire) that corn popped. I can picture someone gingerly putting it to his mouth, tasting it, and realizing that it was good. A couple of months back, I was flooded with what I call "God Grins" over this. Our Lord has a wonderful sense of humor; to be caught up in love for Him over something as little as popcorn has shown me this. I could feel Him smiling inside me.


  1. How beautiful and how true!
    It is behind the little things, the most insignificant (for us) things that we see Our Lord most :)

    Bless you.

  2. What a cute thought!

    Once I heard another thought that struck me. Have you ever looked at a dried pinto bean? The surface is etched with tiny intricate designs. Once you cook the bean, they're no longer visible. And that's only one example of the sort of detail that God's creation contains - detail we can easily miss, detail we could very likely miss, detail we might not have thought of had we been creating the world.

  3. Now you have me curious. I have some pinto beans in the kitchen, I'll have to take a peek. God's hand in creation amazes me, too, especially the little things,like snowflakes!

  4. It's all miracles, every single living breathing growing thing on this planet is absolutely amazing! We are all richly blessed to be a part of it! Getting hungry, maybe some popcorn to make me smile and make me full...

  5. Anne,
    Yes! Yes! It is amazing! I am so glad that so many others see this. Gotta go check out those pinto beans!