Sunday, August 23, 2009

Annie Bananie-This One's For You

I went to a wake today. My friend Ann's father passed away. She is one of my dearest friends and the Lord has tucked her tightly into my heart. She doesn't see herself as I see her... I wish she could. We were talking in the parking lot and Ann said, "Oh, Mary, pray for me. I'm going to hell because all I ever think about is Ann." (She was under tremendous stress and she was also ill. I felt so much sorrow at her words. This is not true. She pours herself out for her daughter and she always listens when I am down or having bad flareups of the polymyalgia.) I hugged her and said "Oh no, Ann, you and I are going to get to heaven by pure grace. That is what your name means and part of my name too." I walked her back to the door of the funeral home and then left in my car. On the way home I was praying and asking the Lord to take good care of my Annie when suddenly a motorcycle roared past me. The license plate read "ANNI". One minute later a car passed me and pulled in front of me. The plate read GRACE. A few minutes later I got off the highway and directly in front of me was a red convertible and the plate read BBLESSD. No way is this a coincidence! What are the odds? This was a definite "God Grin".

Thank you , Lord for loving my Annie so much. Console her in her grief and flood her with your tender Love. I place her trustingly into your hands.


  1. Mary I love this! God is truly everywhere, watching you and loving you, as well as those you care most about!

  2. He sure is. It reminded me of your post "What's in a name?" Quite a bit I would say!

  3. Did you tell Annie?
    You must have made her day! :)

  4. Gabriella, I called her and told her to read it. It raised her spirits, she thought it was more than a coicidence, just as I did.