Thursday, August 6, 2009

" A Snoodles Tale "

For those who have children, I highly recommend the book "A Snoodles Tale " by Phil Vischer. This is one of the most beautiful childrens' book that I have ever read. My daughter loves this book and so do I! What a delightful book! It brought tears to my eyes.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion, Mary. I'm certainly going to look for this book - my children are all grown up now but I often have kids running around my house :)

  2. This is for grown ups too...When my wife & I go through stuff in our life that has us doubting and questioning purpose...we pull out this VeggieTales tape.

  3. Anonymous,
    I think I got more out of "A Snoodle's Tale" than my daughter did. I actually recommended the book to my mother. I have to admit - I read it often...even when my daughter isn't around:) Glad to hear that I am not the only one!