Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mom's next post

This next segment is very difficult to put into words. It was such a special gift from God that I have only told Mary about it. It happened about 30 years ago.

I was praying in my room - actually I was praising God for all His blessings; and I began to sing. I don't remember what I was singing; but I felt as though God was drawing the praise from every cell in my body. And then I was no longer aware of time or of my surroundings, or even myself. I loved God so much that I felt a part of Him. This experience left me with a great love for God, and a love and concern for others.....a sort of patient kindness that is far greater than I am.

One of the things I do remember is this: I felt as though God was asking me for my son. I remember saying, " Lord I give you my son."  I have two sons. This has been extremely puzzling to me, as I thought I was going to have a priest in our family.  "No priest in our family as yet.)

This brings me back to the birth of two of my children. I remember not experiencing any pain during labor and delivery for my two sons.  (I had a lot of pain with the girls.) My oldest son was born in the hospital with several nurses and the doctor present in the delivery room. After the delivery of my son, the head nurse said, "If I hadn't seen this myself, I would never have believed it."

My youngest son was born at home in my bed with no one present. My husband and I were watching a movie on tv,  (the name of the movie was "Battle Cry") and I told my husband I was tired and went to bed. I got on the bed, rolled over, and my son was born. I called and called my husband to come. Finally, he did come, and I thought he was going to pass out. I told him to call my next door neighbor. She came right over and called an ambulance to take me to the hospital (because my doctor insisted).

What does all this mean? It is as puzzling to me as it will be to anybody reading this - but Mary will attest that I am sound of mind and fully fuctional!

Now, getting back to my greatest happiness -- Our Lord is so kind and loving, and He has given us the holy task of telling others of His love and care. We are here on earth for so short a time. Let's use it to tell others of His greatness and mercy.



  1. I use to pray like that in my room as a child about 15 or 16 when I was very close to God. I spend every waking moment in my room at prayer and then I worked, came home, prayed some more. Me and my mom would have all night vigils and pray, some times I knew I was praying for others in other countries and somehow interceding for them. But asking for your son, perhaps mom was concerned about the other son for some reason and God wanted her trust that he would be fine. But I agree that sharing the mercy that God has showed us is wonderful testimony to bring Him Glory.
    Praise God for moms!
    God bless Dorothea

  2. Linda, I wish I could have been like that when I was a teenager, I might have saved myself from a lot of grief. As for my mom,yes, I think God just wanted her to put him in His hands and trust Him. I'll tell her what you said. May Jesus keep you tucked in His heart.

  3. Mary,
    I did not always have this close love with God. After my divorce from my first husband I made a few bad choices. God saved me one day from making one that would have changed my life. I met my now husband at a bar ( we grew up together and friends since 2nd grade and I went to the senior prom together) I was at with another friend. If he had not been there, I would have fallen very far from God. I did fall from God but not what it would have been. It is like my angel moved a few stones out of my way before I tripped over them and fell further.

  4. Linda,
    Thank you for sharing that with me. Sometimes when I read all the beautiful blogs out there I feel like a terrible sinner in the midst of a pack of saints. When I was young I made some bad choices too. I think my angel moved a few stones, also.[Yeah, like maybe a few hundred.]