Saturday, August 1, 2009

The power of intercessory prayer, pt.1

Our Lord's mercy is infinite and I am always left awestruck by this mercy. There is a man who lives in our city; I don't want to give his name so I will just call him R. My husband and I both know him. He is deeply depressed, a drug addict and suicidal. He went from being addicted to prescription drugs to heroin. The Lord has called me to deep intercessory prayer for R. This type of prayer is so powerful that it leaves me in tears. I placed R. in the hands of Jesus and Jesus cradled this broken man in His arms. I cried and cried.

R. has had six suicide attempts and all have failed. He has overdosed on pills twice and lived. He held a gun to his head, pulled the trigger and the gun misfired. He sliced his wrists and lived. He hung himself and this failed too! A couple months ago he jumped off a three story building and only got a broken rib. These are serious suicide attempts and all have failed! God hears our prayers and answers them, sometimes miraculously!

R. is homeless now but he is still alive. I ask those who read this to please pray for him. The Lord knows who he is.


  1. Mary, your faith is strong! How wonderful that you pray for others. God has obviously given you the gift of deep love for others! Bless you!

  2. Thanks to our Lord ! Ever since being in his the presence of His Divine Mercy I can no longer see people with my old eyes,rather I see the potential in every soul. The Lord grasped my hand when I was nothing but a ball of sin, so when I see those who are suffering deeply because of sin it tugs at my heart so much that I feel the mercy that our Lord wants to give them.

  3. O my Gosh! Praying for "R" sounds like a full time job. How the evil one loves to inflict these poor souls. I bind the spirit of suicide in R and send it to Jesus to do with it as he sees fit. God bless you!

  4. I read in the newspaper the other day that he was arrested. Maybe if gets off the drugs things will get better for him. He wasn't always like this. Thank you for praying for him, his plight breaks my heart.

  5. I don't know if you'll get this comment or not because this is an older post. It is an answer to a question I put to the Blessed Mother less than an hour ago. I asked her why I'm so differnet in that I don't hate or feel embittered toward my estranged husband like every other woman I know who has gone through difficulties in their marriages. I asked her if it indicated a weakness in me and was I delusional or polly-anna like because I am praying for him daily and feel mercy toward him. Far from feeling bad intentions for him, I want the best for him, which I know is to be back in the arms of Christ. He was a good man and now I see him as broken more than bad, but most people in my life tell me to see him for what he is - a loser they say. I just can't. I know who he really is and I know he has done horribly wrong things but I still see him as a child of God who has lost his way in this crazy, crazy world. 'But for the grace of God, there go I' is how I feel.

    This post opened my eyes that I am not weird or delusional but following my heart to intercessory prayer. Ironically, this post was written by you on our anniversary of last year (it would have been our 17th anniversary).
    God Bless.
    Lynn (Is)

  6. Lynn,
    I think you are doing exactly what God wants you to do. It's beautiful that you can still see him as God's child :) No matter how much he has fallen that is what he is. Intercessory prayer is powerful. You are not weird or delusional, you are following the Holy Spirit's leadings. That you are doing it for someone who harmed you so much makes it twice as powerful.
    I don't think there are very many coincidences anymore,Is, I think it's God steering us in the right direction. God bless you, my friend:)