Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The pruning

When the Lord first turned my face toward Him , it hurt. My house was built on quicksand and it collapsed in the face of Truth Itself. The outside of the house looked beautiful to others, but the inside was filled with rot. Standing in the presence of His Divine Mercy was a great gift indeed, but easy? Not afterward. Facing the truth of my sinfulness shocked me. I still remember the pain of it. I was stripped bare and kept looking for fig leaves to cover myself with. I was full of pride and suffered a lot during the pruning process (which is still going on). But the pain doesn't last forever and I have learned to ease it by abandoning myself to Him . This pruning process happens to all of us. We need this to produce good fruit.

Thank you, Lord for not leaving us sitting in the muck of our sins. Thank you, O Divine Gardener for pruning us for the Divine Garden of Heaven.


  1. Thanks for this post, Mary. Like you, I was filled with rot. There's still quite a bit there, but I trust that the Lord is removing the rotten parts and replacing them with His sweet Love.

  2. Yeah, I need more work too. But He won't leave us unfinished because He loves us too much. I offered my mass today for your son and prayed for him too, that the Lord may send him light during this time of discernment. I went on his blog. You must be proud of him! To be young and so open to God's grace is unusual in these times.