Monday, August 17, 2009

The cleaners are taking over!

I clean for a living. Offices, stores, a church (this is my parish and I would do it for free but our priest insists on paying us) and other jobs. People often ask me why I do this. I don't have to clean. My husband thinks I should do something else because of the polymyalgia. Here's the thing: I like to clean. It is honest and humble work and it pleases the Lord that I should do this. When I clean, I unite my physical cleaning with the Lord's cleaning of souls. He has shown both my mother and I what a grace this is. I clean with Jesus. When people say to me,"Ugh! How can you stand doing this kind of work?" I think, "Wow! How can I not love it."

This is true of any work done for love of Him. More is accomplished on a spiritual level by abandoning ourselves to Him than all that is done on a worldly level without Him. All of those who live for the Lord do more than the president and his entire cabinet do. We are the Lord's cabinet.

Move over President Obama - the cleaners are taking over!

Utterly Thine, O Lord!


  1. I love that line, "The Cleaners are Taking over!" teehee!


  2. Anne and Diana, Oops! I accidentally pressed the wrong button and deleted your comments.At least I got to read them first! Thank you both for your comments. I need a few computer lessons!

  3. Thanks, Linda. I couldn't resist!

  4. Mary,
    It is that wonderful sense of humor you have shining through. You are awesome! How is mom?


  5. Thanks, Linda. My mom is doing well. I hope you are doing better, too. I know you've had a couple of rough weeks. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Thank you Mary! I have been through bad times and hard times. Right now it is a test of my patience and letting God to lead me where he wants me. But I must say that the more I read of my class work the more excited I get that I really want to learn this, and it all fits together with what I am going through with my children. God has a plan!

  7. I feel the same way--I am challenged with illnesses--they seem to cycle, so either my home is super-clean, we are reading books and eating home-cooked meals and there's no laundry monster, or it looks like if you saw my home, you would think that I never lifted a finger--it's a disaster, and can overwhelming.

    I find the cylcles of cleaning very spiritual, as well. I think it really pleases the Lord--it shows also how everything cycles--what is defiled is cleaned--Jesus cleans us every time we ask Him.

    Great post!