Monday, August 3, 2009

" Feeding the sheep "

This post is from my mom:

This is about a very close friend who had been through a divorce (and an annulment). She had come back to the Church and had become very devout. In fact, she was the one I had been praying with when I had the previous experience. (The power of intercessory prayer, pt.2)

A friend of ours had asked if we would pray for a parishioner's wife who was terminally ill. The three of us decided to go to the hospital and pray for this lady. But first our friend asked permission from her husband to visit. He said yes.

The hospital was about an hour away. The three of us prayed all the way to the hospital. I experienced one of the deepest prayer times of my life.... and thought this was a very hopeful sign. Sadly, this lady passed away about a month later, leaving a grief-stricken family. She was only 42 years old.

A few months later, on a Sunday, while I was driving to a nearby store, I was so flooded with love, I almost had to pull over to the curb. I felt I was being told to write down my very good friend,s name (the friend I frequently prayed with) and the name of the husband of the lady who had passed away, on a piece of paper with the date , and to put this paper in my bible and not to discuss it with anyone. These are the most specific instructions I have ever received.

Several weeks later, I was having dinner at a local restaurant with my very good friend. She happened to mention this gentleman's name - that they had met each other a few times at church, and she that she was very drawn to him.

I told her about my experience a few weeks before, and that I had written their names down on a piece of paper, along with the date, and had it in my Bible. She said she wanted to see it.

She came to my house and I showed her the paper with their names on it, as well as the date. She said " Oh, my goodness that was the day the church celebrated World Marriage Day "

They were married later in the year....and it has been 20 years of bliss.

God is good,


  1. What a beautiful and uplifting story!

  2. I'll tell my mom you said that! Thanks!

  3. I love it. Makes me missing praying with my mom. You are blessed to have each other.


  4. Thank you, Linda. She is very special to me! We meet to do the rosary and mercy chaplet. Plus, we talk about God all the time. She is like us, thoughts of Him consume her. Bless you, Linda. The Lord is keeping you close to his heart.