Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Okay, I admit it. I was bored this morning and wrote my own epitaph. Here's one I thought fit well:

Here lies a woman
Unbalanced twas she
Stumbled into heaven

Or how bout this;

She troubled heaven with her sighs
Tickled the Lord's ears with her plea
Till a thunderous voice was heard in reply,
"If I let you in, will you leave me be?!!

I have more [it was a busy morning], but I'm off to meet the bus :)


  1. Wonderful!:) Maybe you could rework them into Limericks in honor of St. Patrick! ;)

    Whenever I'm in a bad mood, I imagine my funeral and all of the people I hope will attend and how they will cry over me. Cheers me right up! (I know it's a bit morbid and childish-sort of like Ralphie in the Christmas story who imagines himself blind to get even with his parents for punishing him!)

  2. LOL They're beautiful, Mary!
    Hope you don't mind me stealing them ;)

  3. Here's my epitaph:

    Dear Lord you made me in your image.

    I hope, like me; You have a sense of humour.

    Or else I'm ...

    I've also left instructions that just before I die someone should spray quick drying starch on my face and tickle me. That way I'll die with a smile on my face!

    God bless.

  4. Anne,
    I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read that! Do a lot of people usually show up? ;)
    I tried to think up a Limerick but got stuck :)

  5. Gabriella,
    The truth is that I had nothing to write about so I threw these in! LOL! - read Anne's comment :)

  6. Victor,
    Knowing you, you'll have St. Peter laughing so hard that you can stroll right by him into heaven!

  7. Hi Bernie! Hope you're feeling better :) Hugs to you, too!

  8. Oh yes Mary! At my funeral there will be at least 3 priests(I hope!), my husband and kids and hopefully by then, a load of grandkids too! I've from a big family and most of our funerals are pretty large, so mine had better be too, or I'm in big trouble! Of course, they are all crying and saying how sorry they are that they didn't treat me better-if only they knew I only had a short time to live, how different things would have been! boohoohoo!

    In reality, I'm sure it will be much different. One of the saddest funerals I ever went to only had a handful of people and the priest couldn't remember the woman's name. I made up my mind that day that when I die, the priest will definitely know my name! (Maybe that's why I'm hoping my son will be a priest-then it's guaranteed!) :)

  9. You crack me up, Anne! I giggled about this half the day! Next time you can add me to your pretend funeral, I'll be more than happy to attend ;) That's what are friends for :)