Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Giver of gifts

Enough about the number phenomenon. I simply write about it once in a while because I know how common it is and I don't want people to always land on New Age sites when they google it. I would rather they land on a Christian site [hear my prayer, O Lord] because the New Age sites can lead people away from God rather than toward Him.

The truth is :

"What accord does Christ have with Beliar?"  2 Cor. 6:15
None, of course. Paganism and Christ do not mix. You are for one or the other. The strange names often mentioned in New Age posts are demons. They disguise themselves as angels of light but usually give themselves away at some point or other. We have to remember that a third of the angels were cast out of heaven along with Lucifer. Satan would like to draw as many souls into his web of deceit as possible. Misery loves company and Satan is miserable. A life without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is no life at all. I say this through experience. When I was a child I was very close to the Lord, I felt surrounded by love as if I were in a "holy bubble". My guardian angel defended me very fiercely but I became hard-hearted as a teenager and lost this state of grace. Thanks to God's mercy, and a few holy spankings, I live in His grace again [my heartfelt thanks, O Lord!]  The time I spent away from Him was miserable, I don't know how I withstood it. My heart hurts for those not living a Godly life. I know their pain, I've been there. I think that this is why the Lord has given me a powerful intercessory gift. This may not sound humble, but to say otherwise would be like a slap in the Lord's face. The Lord has taught me that humility is accepting the truth with love and grace. To not admit and thank God for the gifts that He has given to us is false humility. The Lord continues to pour graces and gifts into my lap and I accept them with gratitude. I know that I have many faults to overcome but I believe that the Lord will complete this work that He has begun in me. To say otherwise is a lack of faith in the goodness and love of God. Jesus wants sinners to trust in his mercy. After all, He died on the Cross for us sinners. I won't waste this great gift.

Jesus, I trust in you! Utterly Thine, O Lord!

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